Colts Buzz: 9/11

Colts utilize wide range of talent found in secondary ... an update on Freddy Keiaho's injury ... Manning's uncanny timing keeps the him up and off of the turf ... Dungy says improvement is more important than standings right now!

Using your talent wisely is an invaluable skill to have as an NFL coach. It is one that Tony Dungy has demonstrated time and time again and Thursday's game against the Saints was no different. The Colts have found that one of their strengths is their defensive secondary and the breadth of talent featured in it. So when it came time to stop the ball on Thursday, the Colts had up to six defensive backs on the field. Find out more about this strategy and get some other team updates by clicking here!

Weakside linebacker Freddy Keiaho sat out from yesterday's practice due to a dislocated elbow suffered in the first quarter of Thursday's game. He played through the injury last week, but this week the Colts are having him take it easy. Keiaho says the elbow is feeling a lot better, see what his coaches have to say and get a full update on his condition here!

Peyton Manning
Doug Pensinger/Getty

Peyton Manning always gives due credit to his outstanding offensive line for keeping opposing defenders away from him. However Manning shouldn't give away all of the credit as it is his own play that helps keep the sack total low. Peyton possesses an internal clock and sense of the pocket needed if you're going to be a great quarterback in the NFL. As one of his most recent commercials depicts, he always seems to know just when to get rid of the ball to avoid taking it to the ground with him. Just how big of an impact has this had on the Colts' and Manning's own success? Check out this feature and find out!

Last week was a great start, but coach Dungy wants more. Yesterday he told the press that "our big thing is really just to improve." It's early in the season and he wants the team to take advantage of that, using it as a chance to work on their own game rather than worrying so much about standings. As amazing as the Colts were in their first game, does this mean they could look even better as the season goes on? Click here and get the full scoop on the Colts' latest objective!

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