Colts Buzz: 9/12

Tennessee is preparing to take on the Colts ... for 10 players, Thursday night marked their first NFL game ... Is Joseph Addai underpaid? ... Colts know the long-term goal, but keep a short-term focus!

This week the Titans went right back to work after their victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars in order to prepare to face another division rival; the Super Bowl Champion Colts. "Indy is a big week around here...everybody gets excited for it." says defensive end Kyle Vanden and it became clear that fans were excited when tickets for the game sold out in a mere two minutes this summer. How are the Titans feeling as they prepare for the arrival of the Colts? Click here and find out!

When the Colts travel to Jacksonville for their Monday-night match-up against the Jaguars on October 22nd, there's a chance they might see a familiar face kicking the ball towards them. It is reported that Mike Vanderjagt is going to Jacksonville for a workout this week. Get the full scoop by clicking here!

Joseph Addai cuts around Jets linebacker Eric Barton
Chris McGrath/Getty

Despite only being a Colt for a little over one year, Joseph Addai has already contributed so much to his team. Addai rushed for over 1,000 yards last season (the only rookie to do so) and won the starting RB job for the postseason. The folks over at recently compiled a list of the NFL's most underpaid players and Addai landed a spot on it. How much is he gonna make, why do they consider him underpaid, and who else made the list? Click here and see!

The Colts' season opener not only marked the first game of the 2007 NFL season, it was also the first NFL game for 10 Colts players. The rookies and first-year players got their first real taste of the NFL and performed very well in the Colts' victory over the Saints. So what is it like stepping on the field for your first game? Get inside the players' heads and find out in this article featuring quotes from players like Ed Johnson, Anthony Gonzalez, Dante Hughes, and Jeff Charleston!

"I think going into every year when you have an outstanding team that obviously you want to get to the Super Bowl and you want to win," was the comment Colts GM Jim Irsay made yesterday at his luncheon with Colts sponsors, but he made sure to emphasize that the Colts take it one day at a time. The Colts know the long-term goal, but learned (especially with last year's success) that you have to stay focused on the short-term in order to get there. The Colts not only take the season one game at a time, but one practice at a time and it is this discipline that has helped make them Super Bowl champions. How do they keep this focus and how has it already worked for them thus far this season? Get these answers and more in this feature!

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