Colts Buzz: 9/13

Dwight Freeney is ready to hunt the Titans' beast Vince Young ... Colts fever takes over Elwood at "Blue Friday" ... AFC South: no longer a sure thing for the Colts ... Colts say signs are nothing, execution is everything!

Dwight Freeney and the Colts D-line has their work cut out for them this week. Last year Vince Young wasn't so much a threat through the air, but he made key passes and primarily lit up the Colts defense with his running. However this year could be different. The Colts have played against Young twice now and more importantly, been much better at stopping the run. "Just know what kind of beast you're hunting," says Freeney and this year you can be sure the Colts D-line knows their beast. Click here and see what Young brings to the table and how the Colts have adjusted their game based on his abilities!

For two solid years the Colts were kings of the AFC South, not losing a single division game. As of last season though, things have gotten much more difficult. The AFC South has gotten much better and the Colts will be the first ones to tell you so. Last year the Colts slugged it out with the Titans and this year doesn't look like it's going to be any different. What does this mean to the Colts and how are they reacting? Find out by clicking here!

Gary Brackett
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With controversy swirling around New England's latest debacle, the Colts have remained rather quiet. Many would expect the Patriots' rivals to be the most outspoken, but instead the Colts don't seem to be making a big deal about it. MLB Gary Brackett gave the comment "it's one thing to know what we're doing, it's another thing to stop it," which pretty much sums up what the team is saying as a whole: knowing signs doesn't win football games, proper execution does. Click here and get the Colts' full reaction with comments from Gary Brackett, Antoine Bethea, Peyton Manning, and Tony Dungy!

The color red is usually associated with a fever, but last night in Elwood it was all blue. The Colts and the Red Gold company held a "Blue Friday" festival in downtown Elwood where fans could get autographs from Colts cheerleaders and visit the traveling museum. The main attraction had to be the unique opportunity fans got concerning the Lombardi Trophy. Get the full story on the festivities in this feature!

This Sunday the Colts will be lining up against five extra-familiar faces. Former teammates David Thornton, Nick Harper, Corey Simon, Gilbert Gardner, and Ben Hartsock are all Titans now, but that doesn't seem to have the Colts worried. The Colts showed last week against the Saints that just because you have a former Colt on your team (Jason David) doesn't mean you'll be any more prepared or discover the secret to stopping them. But will having so many former Colts make a difference? See what the Colts have to say about it by clicking here!

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