Colts Buzz: 9/14

Tyjuan Hagler is ready to make his mark if his number is called ... Titans feel they know the secret to beating the Colts ... What hasn't Peyton Manning done? ... Team captains take their role seriously!

After waiting for two years Tyjuan Hagler may get his chance to start. If Freddy Keiaho's elbow hasn't healed to a satisfactory level by Sunday's game, the team will be looking to Hagler to fill in. Coach Dungy says Hagler has earned this opportunity and he has a lot of confidence in him. How is Tyjuan feeling and why do his coaches feel he's ready? Find out in this feature!

The Titans have become very familiar with the Colts since being put in the same division and familiarity helps in planning game strategies. Tennessee feels they know the secret to beating the Colts: grind it out, run the ball, and keep Peyton Manning on the sidelines. The Titans are quite confident in their ability to accomplish these goals, "We're going to stay in our game, our mind-set. We're not going to let some team come in and make us do things we're not comfortable with," says the Titans' quarterback Vince Young. Will the Titans' game-plan do the trick? They seem to think so!

In their season opener, the Colts faced former starting defensive back Jason David. Now in their second week the Colts will go head to head with the man who played opposite David last season, Nick Harper. Harper will have the assignment of covering Marvin Harrison this weekend, an assignment he had every week in practice, "I definitely know how good they are. I don't need that reminder...It's for real now. It's definitely not practice," said Harper in response to the question of whether or not he watched the Colts game live last Thursday. The Colts scored three touchdowns against Jason David, will they do the same against Harper? Click here and see what Harper thinks!

Captains Peyton Manning and Gary Brackett
Jonathan Daniel/Getty

When Tony Dungy became the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, he brought with him a new system when it comes to team captains. Formerly the Colts had captains from week to week, Dungy prefers to have the team vote on captains who will serve for the whole season. Peyton Manning was voted captain of the offense in 2002 and Gary Brackett was voted defensive captain in 2006. Each player takes the role very seriously and considers it a great honor. Find out just why it means so much to them by clicking here!

When you've already become one of the NFL's all-time great quarterbacks and taken your team to a Super Bowl victory, some might say it's time to put your game in cruise-control and coast through the rest of your career. Peyton Manning will strongly disagree with you. Manning is known and respected by his colleagues for his drive and unwillingness to settle for any less than the best. There are many different factors that have contributed to Manning's success over the years both about him and those around him. Click here for a full analysis and an answer to the question: "What's left for Peyton to accomplish?"

He hasn't become a household name amongst analysts and Colts least not yet. Matt Giordano is quickly making a name for himself both on special teams and defense. On special teams, many people probably didn't notice him until they saw that blue streak catch up to and almost bring down Devin Hester during his opening kick-off return in Super Bowl XLI. As for defense, Giordano was a competent replacement during the Colts' string of injuries at the safety position last year and already made a statement this year with his 83-yard interception return for a touchdown. His coaches and teammates have been impressed with his improvement each year, what's his secret? Find out in this feature!

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