Colts Buzz: 9/15

Peyton Manning knows how to keep the ball in the offense's hands ... Dungy: "sad day for the NFL," ... can the defense continue to surprise? ... Colts say they feel good and are ready to take on the Titans!

One thing that makes Peyton Manning so successful is he knows how to hold on to the football. He is currently sitting at a career-best mark of 164 passing attempts without an interception and looks to extend that streak. As usual, both he and Tony Dungy are quick to spread the credit around for Manning's lack of interceptions because it really is dependent upon the entire offense. Peyton's interception totals have quite a significant impact on the outcome of the game, see just how much by clicking here!

Earlier this week, head coach Tony Dungy refused to comment on the allegations against the New England Patriots until the league made a decision. Thursday the league made its decision and as promised, Dungy then shared his feelings. He said it was a "sad day for the NFL," noting how quickly a little bad will cover a lot of good in the minds of fans. Despite being long-time rivals, Dungy did not berate the Patriots, but rather expressed his sympathy for the whole organization. Click here and see what he had to say!

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The Colts defense surprised a lot of people in their home-opener last week. Answering questions about how they would be able to perform with the loss of several starters and young players coming in to fill the positions. Long gone are the days when all rookies sit out their first season and the Colts are proof that you can succeed with younger players (the Colts are the second-youngest team in the NFL). How are the coaches feeling about their defense heading into week two? Find out in this feature!

After a solid week of practice, the Colts are saying they're ready. Coach Dungy said, "I was really happy with this week's work," and "I think our players have a sense of what this game means and what we're going to have to do to go down there and get a win." The Colts slugged it out in both of their match-ups against the Titans last season and split the series 1-1. Tomorrow they look to go into Nashville, TN and come out victors. Click here for comments from the team on this week's game, as well as an update on Freddy Keiaho and Tim Jennings!

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