Colts Buzz: 9/16

Colts know the importance of division games ... Freddy Keiaho happy to be contributing ... defense prepared for stout running game ... learning from the past, the Colts will be watching for trick plays!

The Colts have made it quite clear that today's game is more than just a game, even more than just a division game. "This is where we kind of start building, 'Are you going to be good on the road? Are you going to be solid in your division?...'" says Colts TE Dallas Clark. The Colts know this will be a key game in beginning to form their identity for the season and come in with a chip on their shoulder from losing in their last trip to Tennessee. See what the team has to say about the game and why it's more than just a division rivalry by clicking here!

Freddy Keiaho is a player full of passion and excitement. The key to his development and success has come from learning to channel that excitement and passion to help him focus, rather than letting it be a distraction. A tough player, Keiaho has every intention of suiting up for today's game, whether or not he actually gets to play has yet to be seen. It will all come down to how he can handle the pain and the team plans to go from there. Check out this feature on Keiaho and get a real feel for his drive and love for the game!

DE Robert Mathis
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Last week, the Titans found their success in running the ball, even though they were facing a stout Jaguars defense. So this week the logical game plan would the ball. In the Colts' last trip to Nashville the Titans rushed for 219 yards and have already demonstrated this year that their ground game is one that deserves respect. So the defense's primary focus this week is simply watch for the run. The Colts held the Saints last week, can they contain the Titans? Click here and see what they think!

While the Colts didn't see any last year, it's hard to forget about the faked punt, three onside kicks in the first quarter, and multiple fourth down conversion attempts that the Colts have seen from the Titans in the last three years. As so, Tony Dungy has his team on the lookout for trick plays this week. Will the Colts be able to diagnose the trick plays before it's too late? Find out in this article!

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