Colts Buzz: 9/17

Bob Sanders is now a complete safety ... Colts defense comes up big when it counts ... Vince Young spouts off at the media after the game ... and more in today's Colts Buzz!

Prior to his trip down to Tennessee to take on the Titans, Colts' punter Hunter Smith made a trip to Butler University. The campus organization Campus Crusade for Christ (a.k.a. Cru) sponsored an event at which Smith was asked to be the keynote speaker. The event drew more than just members of the organization, resulting in an audience comprised of Cru members, other students, and residents from the Indianapolis area. Click here and get all of the details on the event and Hunter the Punter's talk!

Vince Young and the Titans offense did their best to mount a drive in the final minutes of the game, but this time they came up short. Last year the Titans were successful in this sort of attempt and came from behind to beat the Colts. Young has a history of showing his emotions and responded to yesterday's let-down by throwing pieces of his uniform in frustration. To see his post-game comments and get his feelings on the game check out this feature!

DB Marlin Jackson brings down Chris Davis
John Russell/AP

With the game going down to the wire, the Colts relied on their defense to protect their lead and win the game. Safety Bob Sanders said, "You don't want to be put in those situations, but when they do come up, you want to be able to stop them," and the defense certainly did. The Colts made several adjustments to their game-plan this week including bringing Sanders up closer to the line of scrimmage to help with the pass rush. It proved successful and the defense was able to carry the Colts to victory. See how the defense felt about their performance and what was going through their minds on that final drive by clicking here!

One thing the Colts offense hates to do is leave points on the field. Unfortunately, in yesterday's game the Colts only got the ball in the end-zone on one of four attempts inside the red-zone. The team will break down the game film and see what happened today in practice and, as always, learn from their mistakes. They relied on their defense to carry the team to victory this week, click here and see how the offense was feeling after the game.

Bob Sanders' impact on the Colts defense is well-known around the league. He added to his value this week by doing something he, surprisingly had never done before, sacked the quarterback. Not only once, but Sanders got to Vince Young three times registering 2 1/2 sacks on the day. Sanders also helped with the pass rush this week, putting pressure on Young in the pocket and trying to keep him from getting outside to scramble. See how Sanders is responding to this further elevation in status by clicking here!

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