Colts Buzz: 9/18

The Colts planned on keeping their tandem running back system going this year with Joseph Addai and Kenton Keith splitting the duties. Thus far, however, it's been all Joe Addai ... Bob Sanders says Sunday's close game was a good thing ... Colts preparing for the Texans!

The Colts saw huge success last season in utilizing the two-running back system with Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes. They looked to continue that this season with Addai and Kenton Keith, but so far Keith has seen very little action. Addai had 20 carries against the Titans this week and 21 against the Saints last week, while Keith has had a total of six carries this season. Do the Colts really intend on splitting the rushing more evenly? Can Addai handle this kind of workload week-in and week-out? Click here and see what his coaches and teammates have to say!

Sunday's game was close, almost too close, but Bob Sanders says it's a good thing. Getting into these situations early in the year will help them later in the season when it really matters, "It will help us Week 9, Week 11. When we start getting down to that, things will be more important. Every game is going to count. You determine what your season ends up to be toward the end." See what else Sanders had to say by clicking here!

The Colts will undoubtedly diagnose what went wrong against the Titans in practice this week and look to improve upon it. This is going to be crucial as they hit the road this week to face the team tied for first with them in the AFC's the Houston Texans? For the first time in franchise history the Texans are off to a 2-0 start surprising just about everyone in the NFL with their level of play. This weekend's game is key because it will give the Colts sole possession of first place in their division with more home divisional games left than away. See how the team is moving past last weekend's close game and looking ahead to their newest challenge in this feature!

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