Tight End Trouble in Indy?

The Colts emerged from the Texans game last Sunday with injuries to just two players, neither of whom play tight end. But you wouldn't know it from what we've learned about some odd activity on Tuesday in Indianapolis.

ColtPower has learned that the Indianapolis Colts worked out five tight ends on Tuesday.

The big question is ... "Why?"

Following their victory over Houston on Sunday, reports indicated that two players were injured during the game -- wide receiver Roy Hall and linebacker Clint Session. Hall hurt his shoulder in a collision during a kickoff return that sent the Texans' Cedric Killings to the hospital and subsequently landed him on injured reserve. Session sustained a hamstring injury during the game.

So why the rush to bring in not one or two, but five tight ends for a tryout on Tuesday?

The Colts have three tight ends on the team, all of whom were on the team's Super Bowl squad last year. And they have a decent reserve in the wings on the practice squad in undrafted rookie Gijon Robinson.

If the Colts were merely checking out some of the top available talent for the future, you would think they would possibly bring in a player here and there during the season to evaluate, but bringing in five at once -- at least on the surface -- appears to indicate they may have an impending need to sign someone.

Unless one of the three active roster players have sustained an injury since Sunday, the flurry of tryout activity could be an indication that Robinson has been injured or that the team is uncertain about his abilities after having more time to evaluate him. While he had a solid training camp, especially as a blocker and in short-yardage situations, Robinson made just one catch during the preseason for 10 yards.

In any case, it will be interesting to see if the team makes any changes in the short-term at the position after investing the time in evaluating this group of players.

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