Behind Enemy Lines With Michael John Schon

Ed Thompson asked Broncos team expert Michael John Schon some questions about Denver's offensive line, their rushing attack, former Colt Brandon Stokley, what area of the defense can be exploited by the Colts passing game and more! Check it out...

Ed Thompson:  The first thing that Colts fans will undoubtedly want to know is how is Brandon Stokley doing so far and does he appear to be a good fit for Denver's offense?

Michael John Schon: Stokley's been huge for Denver.  There were some initial concerns with the Achilles tendon, but his performance in camp pretty much laid that to rest. Through the first three games he's busted out with nine catches for 144 yards and one touchdown. Currently he's Cutler's third option behind Javon Walker and Brandon Marshall, but he's a proven vet with the talent and experience to elevate Denver to the next level.  Mike Shanahan definitely owes you one. Personally, I'm still trying to talk him into a better haircut though….

ET:  How has the offensive line been doing with handling pass pressure so far this season? And how do you think they'll fare against speedsters like Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis coming off the edge?

MJS:  The Broncos O-line has handled the pressure pretty well, allowing only four sack this year.  But I'll give you the fact that the first three teams didn't have anyone close to Freeney's or Mathis' level.  This one could play out huge in Indy's favor if the Colts bring the pressure.

ET:  We've read about the lackluster performance of the Denver rushing attack last week. Was it an anomaly or is it a concern for the Broncos?

MJS:  Even with that performance the Broncos are hanging in eighth place in the NFL for total rushing -- so I have to believe it was a brain freeze. Forty-seven yards total rushing for a Shanahan offense is a joke.  It wasn't for lack of talent, it was just an off afternoon for the talent that was there.

ET: If you were in Peyton Manning's shoes, what area of the field or what member of the secondary would you target early and often?

MJS:  Abandon the long ball and concentrate on the middle -- D.J. Williams' territory. He still hasn't quite made the adjustment from defensive end to linebacker and tends to give up a mile of turf on the pass (just what you need going up against Peyton Manning).

ET:  What do you like most about watching QB Jay Cutler play? And what worries you the most about where he is in his development as a young quarterback?

MJS: The guy's got a rocket arm and can thread the needle -- but he's still a work in progress. I don't buy the fact he's got what it takes to carry an NFL team deep into the playoffs at this stage, but he's miles above Brian Griese, and Griese's starting for the Bears on Sunday, so what do I know.

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