Behind Enemy Lines, Part Two

Broncos team expert Michael John Schon fills you in on how free agents DE Simeon Rice and TE Daniel Graham are fitting into Denver's scheme, a running back who could surprise Colts fans on Sunday and more! Get an insider's perspective on the Broncos inside...

Ed Thompson:  Defensive end Simeon Rice was a late addition to the team. What are you seeing from him so far?

Michael John Schon: He's a twelve-year vet, so I'll give him some slack.  He's played in three games, recording five tackles (3 solo) and batted one pass down. Good solid vet, but still learning the system.

ET:  Looking at the head-to-head matchups, which Denver wide receiver do you think will have a big day?

MJS:  Brandon Marshall -- the kid can explode after the catch. He doesn't have the stats that Javon Walker's pulling down, but he's found a way to get open when it counts, and that's played out huge in the Broncos' first two wins.

Selvin Young
Getty Images/Steve Dykes

ET:  In previous years, the Colts saw a running-back-committee approach and rookie Mike Bell had a big day against them last year. But this time it looks like they'll get a steady dose of Travis Henry. Is that what you expect or do you think Shanahan may try to catch them off-guard and throw one of the other backs into the mix a bit more?

MJS:  Watch out for rookie Selvin Young. The guy's got great upside breaking the long one and so far has played pretty far under the radar. I expect Shanahan will spell Henry with Young just to throw things off a bit -- and screw up all the fantasy players out there as well.

ET:  Tight end Daniel Graham only has four catches during the first three games. Why isn't he more active in the passing game in Denver?

MJS:  He's been primarily used as a blocking back, and the one time they did call on him -- the most crucial fourth down this season -- he dropped the rock. The Broncos haven't lost faith in him as a receiver, but on the other hand he isn‘t one of Cutler‘s first options either.

ET:  Give us a snapshot overview of Denver's special teams. Which units are doing well, and which ones aren't firing on all cylinders yet?

MJS: Todd Sauerbrun's been a rock on kickoffs and punts while Jason Elam's dropped off slightly on his field goals.  Everyone else is still learning how to tackle. Considering all the changes in coaching staff, it hasn't been a complete disappointment, but it is an area of concern and one that is addressed continually during practice.

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