Colts Postgame Quotes

After their victory over the Buccaneers the Colts had a lot to be proud of. See what Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, Kenton Keith, Dwight Freeney, Gary Brackett and others had to say in this feature!


"Well, I have been proud of our team on many, many of occasions, but this is one of the best. We talked last night about really just focusing on who was going to play and not who might not play or who couldn't. We didn't want to alter things. We wanted to do what we always do by running our game plan offensively and defensively. Our backup guys stepped up. For our defense to be missing a couple of people, holding them down running the ball like that…Kenton Keith had a big day. Anthony Gonzalez hadn't even practiced on the outside that much. Aaron Moorehead came in with back spasms and couldn't really go. Anthony had to play the whole game on the outside and I thought he did an outstanding job. But everyone did stepp up and I thought the backup guys didn't try to do too much. Everybody just did their job. Tampa has been playing well. They are hot and well coached and don't make many mistakes. We had to earn it today and today we did."

On Kenton Keith and Clifton Dawson...

"Kenton (Keith) played well, but he has done that the whole time. The off-season program, the preseason when he has had to carry the ball, he has done a good job. Clifton Dawson came in and gave us some good carries. Everyone did their part and that was what was so good about it."

On Peyton Manning controlling the game...

"He did have control today. He's played against this type of defense for six years now so there aren't a lot of things that he hasn't seen. I thought he did the right things a lot of the time out there, coming down to check-downs, taking the throws where available. He forced one ball which got picked off, but calling the run plays at the right time, you really can't appreciate what a good came he called as well as how well he threw the ball."

On Colts' defensive play...

"We played fast and we are playing pretty smart. We had a couple of situations that we didn't execute just right. The thing is we are playing together and playing so fast that when we miss tackles we have other guys there showing up and not giving up those long plays. And when we get ahead in the game, we get a lot tougher when we do get the lead."


On the performance taking into account the injuries...

"No question. Had a lot of young guys step up. Had a lot of different players out there playing different positions. Some guys knew they were going to play all week, some guys found out an hour-and-a-half before the game they were going to play in certain spots, and Coach Dungy often talks about that. Certainly don't like to be missing some of your main players, but when it happens, the old cliché is true, other guys have to step up and a lot of guys did that today."

On whether the offense was limited today...

"Well, you certainly try to. You certainly take it into account (having backups in) with the audibles and the checks. You double check certain times, with certain guys to be sure they are on the same page. A lot of the guys, it's their first time playing, but obviously you have a couple guys that you are going to lean on like Reggie (Wayne) and Dallas (Clark). You just try to help them a little, but you still want to be able to run your offense."

On Gonzalez playing outside receiver and not in the slot today...

"You just hope and pray theses guys are going to be okay. Certainly today it seemed like a lot, lot of new faces in there. Coach Dungy always says guys have to be ready to step up and step in, and we did that. But you hope we can get some of these guys back. You don't like seeing those guys leaving the game due to injuries."

On if he was curious how the defense would react with so many offensive players out...

"I was pretty focused on what we (offense) were going to do without a lot of our guys there. I can't remember a game when we have had that many guys on offense, guys at some prominent positions missing; with Marvin out, Addai out and Utecht out and your backup receiver (Moorehead) out. We played the whole game in two tight ends even on third down. They got their nickel package in and we are in two tight ends and a lot of plays out there. So, great credit to all the guys who played, for their stamina, being able to step up. This is a good win, considering the circumstances it was a very special win."

WR Anthony Gonzalez
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On filling in for starters...

"Coach Dungy kind of collectively challenged the guys who were filling in for the starters to make sure there was no letdown. Obviously we didn't do exactly what the starters would do, but we played pretty well. It was very rewarding to get out there and help the team win. It's just one of those things, it's part of your job and you have to be prepared. So really, the last 48 hours when I got the idea that I would get more snaps than usual, I just studied to make sure mentally I had everything down from that outside position. So it was mentally getting into it and then it's all about execution, and we did that today."


"Coach Dungy stresses start fast. With the maturity of this team, it all has something to do with it. He told us to last night that this was going to define what kind of team we have."


On playing a key role in the game...

"The game, from my perspective, was hard to get into at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was a lot different from practice, and a lot of the reads are different from practice because everybody is going full speed and everybody is trying to blow my head off. But it came to me later on in the game. It took me awhile, maybe a half, but it came to me and I was comfortable in there. It's exciting. I didn't think it would turn out the way it did. I figured I was going to play good because I wasn't nervous or anything, but I didn't expect a hundred and something yards and two touchdowns."


"We have a lot of guys who can step up. That's great for us because it's a long season. Our offense went out and controlled the ball and we shut the running game down."

On today's main focus...

"Our main focus at first was to come out and control the line of scrimmage. We know everyone is going to try to run on us."


"Defense is how you win it. A sack on the first series and then six and out."


On success of running game today...

"Everybody with an opportunity to make a play made it. We were able to get up the field on defense and the offense controlled the ball. We really played a complete game."

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