Colts Q&A With Matt Giordano

Colts safety Matt Giordano used his hard-hitting, play-fast style to help Indianapolis win their fifth game of the season. He talked to Ed Thompson about the game, the team's injuries, the bye week and much more.

Ed Thompson: How did you prepare yourself for last week's game in response to Bob Sanders' injury?

Matt Giordano: One of the things you learn in the National Football League, you never know when someone's going to go down, so it was really just a normal week.

ET: What did you see as you prepared for the Tampa Bay offense last week, especially with Michael Pittman at running back?

MG: He's a very good running back, so we knew we had to stop the run. We also had a lot of deep threats, as with Joey Galloway, so we knew we had to be on top of our game both running and passing if we wanted to do well that day.

ET: Did you notice much of a difference in style between Pittman and Earnest Graham in preparing for them?
MG: They both are very good running backs who run hard. They both have the strength and are elusive and Graham can run downhill very well. We knew we had to be on our A-game when it came to tackling and stopping the run.

ET: Was the mental preparation difficult because of the number of injuries you guys experienced the week prior?

MG: It really wasn't a distraction. We felt bad for all of the players who were injured, but we knew the other players who were backing up those players needed to step up. So we had to prove that we could step up.  I  was looking forward to showing the coaches that they can count on me if that situation arises. We wanted to prove ourselves and I think in the long run it's going to help us out -- in case someone goes down later in the season or in the playoffs.

ET: Talk about the job Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden have been doing as first-year starters out there on the field.

MG: I think they've been doing a great job. They swarm to the ball, they're covering the deep ball and they are playing very physical. They're reading the formations and are mentally playing well.  It's a lot of fun when you have two corners like that because they become very dependable and very valuable to your defense.

Matt Giordano breaks up a pass intended for Brandon Stokley
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

ET: How about running backs Kenton Keith and Clifton Dawson?

MG: That was a good showing that Keith put on. And Dawson, both those guys are very good backs. It's a shame that only one back can play at one time because those guys are very talented.  It's comforting to know we have so much talent at so many positions.

ET: What are you planning on doing with your bye week?

MG: I plan just to relax. I'm going to spend some time fishing and time with my wife -- it's going to be a good week. One of my teammates has a pond right by his house, so we just go over there and fish. You can catch a good-sized bass every once and a while, so that's always fun.

ET: Does it help having a bye before going into a big division game like the one you've got coming up against the Jaguars?

MG: I think under the circumstances, with our injuries and how players are doing mentally, I think it came at a good time. I think it'll be good for all of the players to just get out and get mentally refreshed as we go into a tough second quarter of the season.

ET: After the last interview you did with me where we focused on the Super Bowl, one of the fans pointed out that I didn't get you talking about an important moment in that game, so let me toss that out now.  Leading by 12 points with about 5 minutes remaining, you break up a pass with a big hit on a fourth-down play near midfield...

MG: I was just trying to read Rex (Grossman) on that play and saw him looking at the tight end, so I went for him. I was going for a big hit, but didn't think I'd get him that well.  But he opened up right to me when he caught the ball and that's one of those hits you dream for. It was a total blessing, that's something my wife and I were praying for, a big play like that in a game like that. It was awesome just to have an answer to prayer like that.

ET: Is there anything you'd like to pass on to the Colts fans?

MG: Thanks for all of the support. We're going to continue to need you guys as the season progresses. Go Colts!

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