Notes From Shannon After FSU

Randy Shannon spoke on Sunday morning about the Florida State game. was there and here is what Coach Shannon was talking about...

Game Hits

• Coach Shannon felt the key to victory was being able to hold Florida State to field goals instead of touchdowns.

• The run game was the catalyst for a successful second half. Both Javarris James and Graig Cooper combined for 130 yards rushing in the second half on 22 carries.

• Chalk up the special teams trickeration to Coach Joe Pannuzzio.
o The fake field goal pass was a purely situational play. It had to be done with the exact personnel, on the proper hash mark, with the right amount of distance (44 yards) for this play to get called.
o Was just implemented this week.
o He asked Coach Shannon before making the call.

• Coach Shannon felt the touchdown to Dedrick Epps was more of a coverage bust or lack of the right personnel for FSU.

Player Hits

• The final drive was impressive, because it was filled with playmakers, from the runners, to Kirby Freeman, to Darnell Jenkins, to Epps, to even Derrick Morse.

• He was very proud of Kirby Freeman. When things didn't start well with Kirby, he didn't tank and he stayed composed.

• Coach Shannon felt Matt Bosher played much better. He credits it to the extra pressure they put on him throughout the week. He came through with his best effort of the season averaging 46.3 ypp, and was incredibly consistent kicking the ball. His punts were 46, 43, 47, and 48 yards.

• He credits the week off as a reason for Colin McCarthy playing so well and looking fresh. He came out of the game tied for the team lead in tackles with 10.

Joe Joseph is a player he believes has stepped up.

o Shannon told the press that Joseph came to him a few weeks ago asking to play more, to which Randy challenged him to take someone's spot. Since, he has, and he has played well.

Daren Daly won the placekicker job on Friday.

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