Chris Steuber Chat Highlights! Draft Expert Chris Steuber spent an hour chatting with ColtPower fans Monday night. Find out who he thinks the team will target with their first pick, what positions he thinks are a priority for the team, and more inside!

erichartz: What do you think the Colts will do with their first pick at No. 59? I know you have had Cliff Avril and Matt Forte in your last two mocks. Still see them going with one of those two if they can get them?

csteuber:I think now with Kenton Keith having an off the field problem, finding a backup is necessary. I'm not sure if Keith is the kind of player who has job security and with a deep RB class the Colts can find an upgrade.

erichartz: Do you think the Colts would be that reactionary? Or do you think they've had their eye on RBs the whole time?

csteuber: I think they have their eye on a RB. I could also see them drafting a LB or a DE. But there are a lot of RBs available in this draft and the NFL today is going towards a two-back offense.

erichartz: Chris Johnson is a pretty interesting prospect with his speed. Do you think there's any way he lasts long enough for the Colts to grab him?

csteuber: I think Chris Johnson will be around in that area when the Colts pick. He would be a nice compliment to Joseph Addai. He adds a lot of speed and playmaking ability on offense. The Colts could even split him out wide in situations; Johnson is one of the better receiving RBs in the draft. He's also a quality return specialist. He adds a lot of value to a team and the Colts may be in the running.

dtrichards: With such a deep RB class do you think the colts will wait until the 3rd or 4th to draft a RB?

csteuber: If I were in charge of the Colts draft, I'd draft the best RB on the board in the second round. I think it will be between Matt Forte, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles and Kevin Smith.

dtrichards: Chris, with Roy Hall's size and speed has there been any talk about using him as return specialist?

csteuber: It's possible for Roy Hall to be a RS, but it's hard to say at this point. He has legit 4.4 speed and is a burner; it would be an interesting move. But I think it all depends on who they draft this year.

dtrichards: i just felt that there has to be an upgrade at this position. I know at his pro day he ran a 4.38 40, and at 6'2 and 229lbs. I thought he should be given a try at this

csteuber: I'm sure they will give him a look in training camp.

erichartz: What about wide receivers? Do you think somebody like Manningham or Doucet could fall all the way to No. 59, and do you think that the team could go that direction?

csteuber: I think Mario Manningham will be gone, but Early Doucet may be available. That would be a value pick for the Colts. I think WR is a need, but not a major priority. Anthony Gonzalez was a great pickup last year and adding another WR to the mix is possible. But I truly believe a RB or DE are the targets in the second round.

dtrichards: Have you heard any rumors who the colts might be targeting in the DT position?

csteuber: I really haven't heard anything in regards to the DT position for the Colts and if they draft a DT it probably won't be until the third round. A guy like Red Bryant is a possibility.

dtrichards: I could live with that, although I do like Moore from Maryland a little better. I would be happy with either one.

erichartz: Who do you like at defensive end for the Colts? Any chance they could get Avril in the third? What about Marcus Howard?

csteuber: I like Avril. I think he's a great pass rushing threat off the edge. He's just another one of those great Purdue tweeners and he will provide a defense with great pressure on the QB. Marcus Howard is a good player, not great, and if it wasn't for that Sugar Bowl performance I don't think we're discussing him too much. He has great measureables, but overall as a prospect he's a tweener and is best suited for a 3-4 defense.

GonzoBlue: Hi Chris, are there any safeties that might project to WLb that the colts may be able to snag with the 4 sixth rders?

csteuber: Gonzo: I'll give you a player who played safety and linebacker in college and has developed nicely as a WLB, Kentucky's Wesley Woodyard. He's a playmaker and is always around the ball. He's extremely instinctive and is a nice tackler. He's a bit undersized, but would fit the Colts defense very well.

GonzoBlue: I like Woodyard, How is Doggett from Oregon State viewed? he seemed to be a play-maker when i saw him ...

csteuber: Doggett will be a late round pick. He's a good player, a tweener, but he has upside and ability.

dtrichards: Chris, do you think the Colts suprise us and take a right tackle with their first pick?

csteuber: I don't think there will be a lot of quality on the board at the tackle position when the Colts make their pick. They would get a much better player at another position.

adub88: How likely is it that Quentin Groves might fall to round 2?

csteuber: Adub88: I think Groves will be a second round pick, but I don't think he falls to the Colts. He's another guy that would fit the Colts defense well.

adub88: Who's the better fit for our offense, Ray Rice or Forte? Adub88: Tough call, but I'd go with Forte ... I love his size and speed. He's a tough runner between the tackles and has the quickness to get around the end.

adub88: Yea, i've seen a few highlights, and Forte can definitely go ...

bronzegod: Do u think the TE Carlson will be available at the bottom of the 3rd?

csteuber: No ... Carlson will be a second rounder; probably mid-to-late second round. He could be a possibility in the second round for the Colts, but RB is more pressing.

erichartz: Do you see them going after a TE at some point, or do you think they stand pat with Fletcher and Robinson as backups?

bronzegod: any TE's that can block & rec available at bottom 3rd?

csteuber: I think the Colts will look for a tight end. I like Brad Cottam in the third round... Maybe Martin Rucker in the fourth round.

adub88: What DE is worthy of our 2nd rd pick?

csteuber: I like Cliff Avril in round 2; maybe even Jason Jones at the end of the second round.

adub88: How about Chris Ellis, probably 3rd rounder?

csteuber: Yes, Chris Ellis is a third rounder at this point; maybe fourth if he slips.

bronzegod: I think the Colts still need a good punt/kick returner. Any good ones available in the 5th or 6th rounds?

csteuber: I really like Kevin Robinson out of Utah State. He's not the fastest guy, but he has great vision and quickness. Another guy is NC State's Darrell Blackman. Again, not the fastest RS, but he's explosive and has great vision.

bronzegod: can these return guys be had in the 5th or 6th rounds?

csteuber: Yes... I wasn't going to tease you with names like DeSean Jackson, Tracy Porter or Dexter Jackson.

adub88: Any thoughts on the colts trading up?

csteuber: I don't see how the Colts can? They don't have a lot of firepower and may have to sit tight, unless they trade future picks. Remember, the last time they had their first pick be in the second round they got Bob Sanders.

adub88: true

bronzegod: we need backup LB's. any good outside lb's available in the 4-6 rounds?

csteuber: Ali Highsmith (LSU), Bruce Davis (UCLA), Alvin Bowen (Iowa State) and Bryan Smith (McNeese State) are possibilities.

csteuber: Hey guys, thanks for the questions... I'll talk to you soon. Also, breaking news for you guys, it appears the Dolphins and Jake Long are close to a contract.

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