Mike Pollak Conference Call Quotes

Mike Pollak was "excited and pumped" to be selected by the Colts with the 59th selection of the NFL Draft Saturday. Find out more about the newest Colt with this conference call from Saturday!

On his reaction of being drafted:

"I'm so excited right now, I'm so pumped to be coming to the Colts."

On anticipating the Colts picking him:

"No, this is somebody that just really shocked me."

On his first thoughts about the Colts:

"You've got such a great team with Peyton Manning. You look across the line they've got a Hall of Famer Jeff Saturday right there, that's my initial thought."

On previous interest expressed by Colts:

"They did (express interest). I figured I would be drafted more of a center and thinking that the Colts already have such a great center in Jeff Saturday, but they want to bring me in as more of a guard, and I'm totally flexible with that."

On past guard experience:

"Yes I have, in college."

On his strengths:

"My quickness, my physical strength and my passion for the game."

On coming in and challenging for a starting position:

"Yes, Coach Dungy said they would give me an opportunity to respond, and that's what I'm coming in looking to do, come in and compete."

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