Talking With Two New Draft Picks

Find out what two of the Colts newest draft picks, Philip Wheeler and Jacob Tamme, had to say to the media after being selected in the NFL Draft!

Philip Wheeler:

On his reaction being drafted by the Colts:

"I'm just very happy. I'm very proud of myself. I had been kind of down on myself a little bit, waiting so long, not being drafted on the first day. I thank the Colts and everybody around me, I'm just happy to be in the situation I am."

On his expectations of being drafted sooner:

"Yes, I did expect to go a little sooner. I'm still happy the Colts picked me up. I can't wait to be a Colt."

On his pre-draft activities:

"I'm in Columbus (Georgia), that's my hometown. Pretty much my whole family was here from Columbus. Well not the whole family, a lot of us cousins, aunts and uncles. We're all here in Columbus at my mother's house just watching the draft, having a good time cooking and eating. They all came back here this morning around 10 o'clock. They're loyal fans. We're having a good time."

On how he felt last night after not being drafted:

"I just sat here and watched a few movies, ate a little bit and ate a little bit more. It wasn't too tough."

On what he'll bring to the Colts defense:

"I'm a pretty versatile linebacker. I'm pretty athletic. The defense is already pretty good. They were a great defense last year. It's not too much they can improve in, but I think I can bring a little athleticism to it, as a linebacker."

On conversation with team prior to his selection:

"I talked to the president (Bill Polian) and Tony (Dungy) they were just congratulating me on being a Colt."

Jacob Tamme:

On interest of Colts prior to today:

"It's always hard to tell what teams are showing the most interest, but they were definitely one of the teams showing interest. It was probably five or six (teams) you kind of got a feel of who would be the most interested, and they definitely were one of those teams."

On his tight end type:

"Everyone categorizes me as a receiving tight end. I used to be a wide receiver, that's part of the game I've always been pretty good at. I'll go in there and block, too. I'll do whatever any team wants to me to. I can split out, play an H-back type role, whatever it is. I'm pretty comfortable being a versatile type player."

On Colts system being friendly for TE position:

"I've watched some film on Dallas (Clark) the past couple of seasons. I've watched five or six NFL guys. I've kind of modeled my game a little bit after him (Dallas Clark). He's been real successful. I think it's a great offense, that's real exciting."

On playing close to Kentucky:

"That's so great. My family is really excited about that obviously. To have an opportunity to play for a team we've followed real closely, we've been fans of the organization for the past few years, is pretty neat."

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