Jamey Richard Rounds Out Colts Draft

The Indianapolis Colts continued to bolster their offensive line with their final selection in the NFL Draft, taking Buffalo center Jamey Richards with their final pick in the seventh round. Eric Hartz has the first report on this final choice.

Richard was the third center the Colts selected in their nine picks in this year's draft, which may lead to fans wondering why the team was taking so many centers.

But the Colts don't mind playing centers at guard, and in fact may prefer it, as centers are usually some of the most intelligent players on the team and have a good grasp of the offense. Since the Colts offense is quite cerebral, the team likes all its players to be good athletes of the mind, as well.

Richard fits this mold, and was ranked the seventh-best center in the draft by Scout.com. At 6 feet, 5 inches and 295 pounds, he'll need to put on some bulk, but appears to have the frame to do so.

Veteran scout Tom Marino calls Richard, "a limited athlete, but is tough, strong and very physical ... gets after people and showed better than expected upper body leverage."

Marino also warned that Richard "took good angles to second level but was inconsistent to sustain [blocks] ... will also overplay and miss the target."

Richard is a strong player and is able to keep his footing against charging defensive tackles in pass protection. Marino summed up his report on Richard by saying Richard "is going to need some work, but [I] was very pleased with his work throughout the season."

Could the Colts have looked for another position with their final pick? Sure, but Richard serves to give the Colts even more options on the interior of the offensive line, which is never a bad thing. Fans were able to see what happened last season when depth became an issue, and it wasn't a pretty picture in both of the team's games against San Diego.

By giving line guru Howard Mudd plenty of options to work with, it's clear that he'll be able to put together a solid two-deep depth chart for the beginning of the season.

With Jeff Saturday's contract set to expire next season, however, the addition of three college centers may tip the team's hand a bit and have fans worried about Saturday's future with the team.

This remains an intriguing issue and will be closely monitored over the summer as the team and Saturday talk about a contract extension.

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