Colts Fans React to Draft

The voters have had their say about the Indianapolis Colts' nine choices in the NFL Draft.'s Eric Hartz goes deep inside the numbers and tells you which picks were popular, and which were panned. All that and selected fan comments inside!

For the most part, reaction to the Colts choices in the 2008 were favorable in the ColtPower forums. For all but one pick, there were more positive votes than negative votes.

That seems to jibe with the sentiment that the Colts had a decent draft this weekend. While the team stayed under the radar, for the most part — the Colts had no first-round pick, and it seemed like most of the picks they did have came while the television broadcasts were at commercial. As such, most pundits aren't talking about the Colts this week, but there's plenty of chatter in the forums.

We had good participation in our informal polls in the Football Cental forum, and we'll break down the results here, from most popular to least popular:

Mike Hart was the most popular pick among fans
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

1. Mike Hart (sixth round, 202 overall) — 98 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH: I'm not sold on Hart, but he's a warrior and could help this team. First, though, he has to make it.

FAN FEEDBACK: I was hoping for Forte or Rice, but I'm happy with Hart, who will be a big improvement over Kenton "Butterfingers" Keith. &mdash coltman18

2. Marcus Howard (fifth round, 161 overall) &mdash 94 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH: Has a chance to be the third speed rusher the team has been lacking.

FAN FEEDBACK: Howard is a small kid, but so too was Mathis (235 lbs.) out of college. He 'll add some weight over the years. But, his speed is RI-DIC-U-LOUS! — rojonick

3. Jacob Tamme (fourth round, 127 overall) — 82 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH: If he shows some muscle, can be another dangerous weapon in Peyton Manning's arsenal.

FAN FEEDBACK: I think this kid is going to be a star. I love his attitude.  — process1425

4. Pierre Garcon (sixth round, 205 overall) — 81 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH:Speedy DIII acrobat could find a role on special teams or as a fourth receiver.

FAN FEEDBACK: The dude is awesome. I think he has serious skills and could easily be a return guy for us. He has awesome hands as well. Small school or not, if you can play, you can play. — supercolts99

5. Philip Wheeler (third round, 93 overall) — 78 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH: Nasty, fast linebacker will have to earn playing time in Indy's corps — but he will.

FAN FEEDBACK: Wheeler is a beast, and was known by many as the best blitzing LB in college football. — johncu

6. C Steve Justice (sixth round, 201 overall) — 77 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH: Looks like a solid teammate and maybe the truest center of the bunch. A future starter.


Mike Pollak
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

7. C Mike Pollak (second round, 59 overall) — 76 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH: Not a sexy pick, but a very smart one. Could start Game 1 at right guard.

FAN FEEDBACK: Hope this pick helps prevent a breakdown in the O line (due to injuries) like we saw last year.

8. TE Tom Santi (sixth round, 196 overall) — 59 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH: Nice size, good athlete. Might take some developing, but could be an asset in running and passing game.

FAN FEEDBACK:Santi is solid. I watched him play here in Virginia. I just think drafting 2 TEs was 1 too many. — vabchcolts

9. C Jamey Richard (seventh round, 236 overall) — 34 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH: One of the smartest players in college football. Smart enough, and good enough, to make this team? I think so.

FAN FEEDBACK: Jeff Saturday is having a mild stroke. — rwillybball13

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