Talkin' With Tony: July 25

Coach Tony Dungy spoke with the media Friday afternoon after the conclusion of the team's practice. Find out what what coach Dungy had to say about the first practice, Marvin Harrison's return, the team's injuries and more inside!

On the first day of camp:

"The weather cooperated for us today and gave us a nice, cool day to get started. I think our players appreciated that. We had pretty good work in terms of tempo. We weren't quite as sharp as we would like to be, but all in all it was a good start and I think we are satisfied with practice number one."

On the unusual sight of camp without Peyton Manning:

"That (Peyton being at camp) has been a constant for me in the seven years of being here, having him take the first snaps. It was different, but I think everyone adjusted. Jim did a good job, and I think the offensive unit just relished the challenge and it was good. We have to get our other two quarterbacks up to speed on what we are doing, but all in all it was a good first day."

On having Marvin Harrison back:

"Marvin did fine. He did all of his work and took his normal turns. We are going to see how it goes and see how he progresses, but for the first day it was encouraging. It was good to see him out there really smiling and just running easily. Quinn Gray and Jared Lorenzen did fine. They had the normal glitches that you would expect from just a couple of days to learn what was going on, but all in all did well."

On how he will know if Marvin Harrison is OK:

"For me, I try to read his face. When he is smiling and doesn't have that worried look, I think things are pretty much normal. That's how it was today. He has done a lot of work one on one, but hadn't done a lot of team work and he got in there and made his cuts, caught the ball and just looked like he felt comfortable, so that was good to see."

On what he expects from Joseph Addai this year:

"Joseph made a huge jump last year. His first year (2006), he was a very talented guy and you could see that, but it was all new to him. He was playing a lot, especially early in his rookie year, trying not to make a mistake, trying to just really listen and focus and pay attention to everything. Last year, I think things slowed down for him and the season went really well. This year he knows he is one of the guys that we are counting on and he has to provide that leadership role. He's just playing free and easy and he is a very talented guy, so we are expecting big things."

On if Dominic Rhodes is glad to be back with the Colts:

"I think he is. Dom is always a guy who is going to play with high energy. You are going to see his emotions, and that rubs off on the team. I think he is glad to be here. He understands how we function, and he knows he can be a big part of what we do. It was good to have him back there again for the first time in a year."

On Marvin Harrison's ability to return from injury:

"Marvin is a guy that defies logic. I think he is going to be fine and ready to go, but we are trying to have somewhat of a monitor on him. We rely on him a lot to tell us how he feels and what he can do. He'll probably end up doing more than most of us think."

On if Marvin Harrison is a rare find:

"That's the hope, that you are dealing with a rare guy. We saw it with Jerry Rice, and you see it with very, very few people and Marvin shows every indication of being that way. When we looked at the tape from last year, the first four games, there was nothing that you could discern that was different from 2003 or 2005. So, if everything is right with him physically, we think we will get the same type of production."

On the team's rookies:

"With our rookies, it's all learning. They had to learn our tempo and how we do things. The veterans did a good job of trying to pull those guys through, but every day will be new for them and we have to get a lot of those guys up to speed, and so far, so good."

On the Colt's injured players that participated in practice:

"We do have a list of one-a-day guys. Robert Mathis, Gary Brackett off the top of my head. I don't have it, but I think there are five guys total that will be one-a-day. We will see how it goes. We have a lot of one-a-days in the schedule, so it shouldn't really be anything that anyone would notice."

On who was not on the field:

"Quinn (Pitcock) is not here for personal reasons. We will have an update for you probably Monday."

On how concerned he is about Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders:

"Right now they are really on schedule. Our doctors, from the time they had their surgeries, we pinpointed return times and they are right on schedule for those. We are trying to get both of those guys ready for the first regular-season game (Sept. 7) and we anticipate they will be. How much they play during the preseason is up in the air, but there hasn't been anything all spring or now where we've said, ‘Hey, they've taken a step backwards,' or ‘We're off the plan.' So far, right now they are right on schedule."

On if he sees a day when people think of the Colts as a defensive team first:

"I hope so. I don't know, because of the mega stars we have on offense, if we will ever truly be perceived that way. But last year we did some things defensively; we led the league in points against, we had a good, high ranking and we did some good things on defense. So, if quietly we can build that, maybe that's just as good."

On if a healthy Dwight Freeney takes the Colts' defense to that next level:

"It's going to depend on everybody and that's the one thing we have stressed here for seven years. Whether it is offense, defense or special teams, you can't rely on one person. You can't say that one person is going to carry the load or if one person is out you can't function. We missed Dwight for half the year (last season) and still put up some good numbers defensively and that's the way you have to approach it, as a team thing."

On his expectations for Kelvin Hayden:

"Both of our cornerbacks are in their second season starting and playing a lot. Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden do a lot of things that we value and they are going to be good players."

On his expectations of the young wide receivers:

"It's a tough offense to learn, but we have some guys that we really like. Roy Hall coming into his second year, Devin (Aromashodu), I think those guys have a chance to blossom along with Pierre Garcon. We have a talented rookie class and I think from top to bottom, this receiver group might be as good as we've had here. Those young guys, the fight will be just to learn what we do, relax and show what they can do on the field, but in terms of talent, the ability to run and catch, they've got it."

On the season's first game:

"There will be a lot of history for sure, having played those guys in the Super Bowl, opening the new stadium, playing a national TV game, it'll be great. (Bears Head Coach) Lovie (Smith) and I go back a long way so that part of it will be fun. It'll be fun to see him and his team and it will be a big challenge. That's the one we are really gearing up for, September 7th and trying to get our team ready for that."

On the starter at right guard:

"It's way, way too early. Charlie (Johnson) has played a lot of football for us and we know what he can do. He's played winning football in the Super Bowl, so we feel very comfortable. Mike (Pollak) is going to be a good player and he has shown every indication of that. How quick he comes, what our best lineup ends up being, we will wait and see, but I think we know what Charlie can do and I think Mike is going to be the same type of player."

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