Talkin' With Tony: July 26

Tony Dungy took a few minutes to talk with the media in between practices Saturday at training camp in Terre Haute. See what Dungy had to say about the team's first couple of days of practice, how certain players are coming along, and more!

On QB Jared Lorenzen:

"He's a different body build, no question. Quinn Gray is bigger than the other quarterbacks we've had recently, too. It just so happened that way. They both have good arms and they are smart guys and they are legitimate quarterbacks. They just happen to be bigger than most of our linemen."

On what kind of effect the NFL's new "no force-out" rule will have on the game:

"I think it will be bigger for the offense, just having to understand that some of those balls you threw up to the sideline, jump balls right on the boundary, may not be completions this year. I like the rule. I think it will be much easier to officiate. You won't have those plays that get reviewed or maybe don't get reviewed, and is it a force out? Isn't it? What constitutes that? I think everyone knows now you have to get both feet down and that will make it easier."

On if the new rule could change play calling in certain situations:

"I think it'll change where you throw the ball, definitely."

n the competition at right guard:

"I think we are going to have good competition at a lot of spots on the line. Charlie Johnson has played for us in the past at a lot of positions and played well. Mike Pollak is a guy we drafted, and we think he could play either of those interior positions. We have some other guys that want to play also and we don't want to count them out. I think we are going to end up having several good guards."

On special teams:

"We don't want to give up plays, but we are always going to be training new people there. We are not going to be, as you mentioned with the salary cap, able to go after veteran special teams players. You would love to have them, but mainly with our draft choices and young guys and guys who haven't played on special teams a lot and they have to learn. Hopefully they will learn in the preseason and be good to go in the regular season. We do, we have much more turnover on special teams than we have on offense or defense."

On the return of all four DB starters back:

"The fact that we have everybody at their same position and that they've played together for a year, they have that much more understanding of how we do things, but they also have that experience of playing with each other. You can't overstate that. That's the way it used to be, in the old days when I came in, and you'd have 11, 12, 14, 15 guys that had played together for five years. We haven't had that benefit on defense. We are starting to get that, and hopefully the results will be similar to what our offense has experienced when we've had the same guys playing."

On DT Ed Johnson:

"Ed's doing fine. He's picking up right where he left off. Last year he was the unknown x-factor and played well and caught us by surprise. Your hope is that he comes back with that same type of attitude and fire, and he has. He's doing well."

On WR Reggie Wayne's consistency:

"The biggest thing about Reggie, the biggest compliment, is he is one of those guys that you don't worry about. You pencil in 85 to 90 catches and 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns and you don't even really think about it. When you think about those numbers, that's a lot to take for granted, but that's what we expect and that's what he's delivered. We've got to the point where we don't even think about it too much."

On OT Tony Ugoh being able to put bad plays behind him:

"That's a big part of the learning process, and one that (Offensive Line) Coach (Howard) Mudd and everyone talked to him about. You are playing against the best and, in many cases, the highest-paid guy on the other team. If you have 66 good plays and two bad plays, people think you had a bad game. You can't really worry about that. Those guys are going to make some plays. You have to do your job and move on. I think Tony learned that over the course of the year, that you aren't going to be successful every play. That's your goal, and that's what you are shooting for, but you can't worry if you have one or two that get away from you."

On OG Mike Pollak:

"Mike wants to be perfect and so many of these rookies are used to being the guy last year who knew everything, who everybody else came to to ask questions, and now all of a sudden they're in back in that freshman role and it's a little bit uncomfortable for them to start with. Most of these guys are perfectionists like Mike, but they are learning and as they learn more and grow with the system, they do get more comfortable and he certainly has."

On if DE Dwight Freeney's inside foot being hurt is a factor:

"I don't think it really matters. Dwight's thing is speed and quickness and get off and take off and if he has that he will be fine. If he doesn't have that, he will be at a disadvantage whether it's on the left side or right. We don't think it's going to be an issue."

On if the early off day (Sunday) is good for the team:

"It probably is. We put a lot of stress on them early in the first two days and then give them tomorrow off to recover. That's how we try to build typically, is work and then recover and rest. I think our guys will need it. Hopefully, they will be smart and use that rest time tomorrow. I think it's coming at the right time."

On the importance of next week:

"We still have fundamental stuff to do and we are still working and getting better, and then at the end of the week you have to get ready to play a game. You always want to go out and put your best foot forward on game day, so we've got a two-fold mission, which is improve early in the week, get things installed and then start to gear down and get ourselves physically ready for the game on Sunday."

On DL Raheem Brock:

"He has practiced more at end and we have to keep looking and rotating through. We've had some tackles who have come on, so it will be a function of what our best 8 or 9 guys in there are, but he has practiced more at end than he did last year."

On if that has a "trickle-down" effect with the rest of the DL:

"It probably depends on until Dwight (Freeney) gets back, and we will see how things go and how much Dwight is able to go when he does come back. We are preparing to ease him in slowly. Dwight says that won't be necessary, so we will see. Maybe Robert (Mathis) plays more on the right and we will see Raheem more at end. If Dwight comes back and he is ready to go and we don't need Robert on the right side, or some of these other guys come on, then Raheem can slide back inside. Right now he's getting a little work at both."

On how DTs Ed Johnson and Keyunta Dawson are coming along:

"They are doing well. They are young guys, and their speed is their forte, so obviously practice with no pads helps them. They'll get a little indication this afternoon and see how they do."

n if LB Clint Session is practicing with the first group:

"Clint is in there. He was gone today. He had a personal matter and had to fly back to Florida."

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