Talkin' With Tony: July 28

Tony Dungy spoke with the media in between practices Monday and provided updates on the team's injury situation and Peyton Manning's status, the team's new quarterbacks, preparing for the Hall of Fame game and more!

On the day's first practice:

"We have some guys that are just one-a-day practice guys that didn't participate in this one, but we expect everyone, other than a couple of guys, to be up for the afternoon practice."

On the reduced number of players in camp:

"As coaches, you adjust to the numbers, and it is what it is. We've got our tempo established pretty well and I think we are going to be fine. My major complaint with the whole thing has been that we have some guys that we would like to have here that we are not going to get a chance to look at. We will be fine numbers wise."

On the rotation for Sunday's game vs. Washington:

"It's a little early to tell, but we are going to use the game, definitely, to get a good look at a lot of our young players. We do want Jim Sorgi to play. He will play more than Peyton (Manning) would have played."

On how QBs Quinn Gray and Jared Lorenzen are developing:

"They are doing well. There is a lot to learn, some of it is carryover from where they've been, but it's putting everything together. They are making throws where they are a little bit off because they are just not quite sure where the receivers are going to be. All-in-all, they've done a good job of acclimating themselves."

On whether QB Peyton Manning has reported to camp:

"He is doing fine. We are still trying to keep him immobile and that is the biggest fight. I think the farther away we can keep him, the better chance we have of keeping him immobile. I'm not at liberty to say where he is at this point, but he is immobile, I can tell you that."

On TE Jacob Tamme:

"Jacob is a guy that I think is going to fit in to our offense well, similar to guys like (former TE) Marcus Pollard, (current TE) Dallas Clark and (former TE) Ben Utecht. He can really catch the football, he understands the passing game, he knows how to get open and I think he is going to end up being a valuable weapon for us."

On if there is an update on DT Quinn Pitcock's status:

"Not really. He is going through some personal things, and he is going to let us know when he can be back. That's really about all I can say at this point."

On LB Clint Session:

"Clint is back. He had a personal issue down at home, and he got that taken care of and is back and ready to go. Clint is doing a good job. He is going to make that second year fun, too. He did some exciting things for us last year, but I think he is on his way to being a more consistent player for us and he can do some things."

On DB Antoine Bethea:

"I can't remember a safety that stepped in as well as he did that played that position with as few mistakes, and I don't know who I can go back to as a rookie player. That doesn't happen that much and we kind of take it for granted because of (DB) Bob (Sanders), but Antoine is pretty special back there."

On the chemistry of having all four DB starters back:

"It's the feeling of playing with guys and knowing what they are going to do, but it's also that communication and hand signals and how you can communicate when it's noisy at home and different things that come with playing with each other. More than anything, it's knowing exactly what the other guy is going to do. I think our big plays got cut down last year, and we want to do the same thing this year."

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