Talkin' With Tony: August 5

Tony Dungy talked to the media in between training camp practices in Terre Haute Tuesday. Find out what the coach had to say about the Hall of Fame game, Peyton Manning's thoughts on the team's first performance, the new quarterbacks and more!

On the day's first practice:

"It's nice to get back and get going. It's going to be a little bit of a short week for us, playing Saturday after a Sunday game, but I think we've got a lot of things to build on and I'm looking forward to using this week to try to improve and see if we can play just a little bit better Saturday than we did Sunday night. I was really pleased with the first time out, especially for a lot of our young guys."

On if WR Roy Hall was nursing an injury:

"Roy had some leg issues. He's got a little bit of a hamstring that we might even have to rest this week. He's doing well. He actually did well in the game. He played the first half — I wouldn't say got in the game late because he played the whole first half on special teams — but he did his normal thing. He did a good job on special teams, caught four balls in the second half and did some good things. It was a good outing, but he is a little sore and probably will rest his hamstring early in this week anyway."

On if the injured players will play this week:

"I don't think Pierre (Garcon) and Roy (Hall) will play this week. (Jeff) Charleston has a chance. He wants to, and we will see how the week goes."

On if LBs Gary Brackett and Clint Session will return this week:

"Towards the end of the week we might get them back. We'll see how they are doing, but not early in the week for sure."

On if it was good to see the rookie OLs play well:

"It was. Our style is that way, that guys have to learn to play a lot of positions. They fill in different places and to see them not only play well, but play in different spots and feel like we can count on them to be flexible and move around, that was really a big plus coming out of Sunday night."

On if there is an update on QB Peyton Manning:

"He's back here going about his business. He critiqued the game film. He gave me his impressions of the game, so I think we are getting back to normal."

On QB Peyton Manning's impressions of the game:

"I think good. I think he was pleased with the way the offense moved the ball, but disappointed in the fact that we didn't score more touchdowns in the red zone. That was something that we had been working on, but I think he's like all of us that felt like we had some things we could build on."

On QB Peyton Manning's critiques:

"I know they are coming, but he's like he always is. It's no different for him than if he was actually out there and that's what makes him good. He's analyzing every practice, everything we do and he's putting himself in position so when he does come back it won't be like he's been totally away from it. He's been away from it physically, but mentally he's going through every practice."

On the struggles of working on fundamentals during a short week:

"That's the thing that we are going to miss this week, a little bit of our fundamental work. We will actually have practices (Wednesday) to do that, but starting on Thursday we tailor the week to get ready for the game. In a short week, recovery time is important and we'll try to install and build a little bit (Tuesday) and (Wednesday) and then start to get ready for the game."

On how quickly QB Quinn Gray is picking up everything:

"He and Jared (Lorenzen) both are doing exceptionally well for only being here 10 days. They had a limited amount of mistakes in the game. I think Quinn went the wrong way, called the play right, and he went the wrong way in the game. Other than that — blitz pickups, knowing where to go with the ball, both guys have done well."

On if either QB has a chance at the second-string spot:

"We like our situation and if Peyton (Manning) comes back the way we think he can, we think we are in good shape. It will be tough to unseat those guys (Manning and second-string QB Jim Sorgi), but everything is open, so theoretically they've got a shot at the number-one position the way we do things."

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