Talkin' With Tony: August 12

Colts coach Tony Dungy took a few moments to talk to the media during Tuesday's workouts at training camp. See what Dungy had to say about the structure of the practices, the play of the team's rookies, training camp weather, and more!

"It was a normal Tuesday morning practice for us with pads. It felt a little sharper with a little more energy than we had last Tuesday now that we're adjusting to the schedule. Overall, it was a good day and we got some good work done."

On if the players were too aggressive at practice:

"Not really. You'd rather have it that way. I had a talk with the team yesterday, actually, about last week and how our practices weren't as sharp and as crisp as we needed. I think there was just a little more focus today and it was good. Good work."

On how much the linebackers enjoy running blitzing drills against the running backs and tight ends:

"They like to. We don't really blitz a lot. That's about the only time they get to [blitz] is in practice. We just don't bring our linebackers as much. They want to do it and enjoy doing it and it gets competitive with the backs and it's been good work for us. We do the drill more for our backs than our linebackers. The backs have to learn how to do it. It's important to us in protection and we've been blessed. We've had a lot of backs that have been good at it."

On what he's seen from WR Courtney Roby so far:

"Courtney is a very aggressive player. He's been an excellent special teams player for us not only returning the ball, but on the coverage unit. He's been a very good blocker. He catches the ball well and, obviously, from being in Tennessee's camp he knows the professional game. He's been good. I think he's been a good addition to our receiving corps."

On using DT Darrell Reid as a fullback in some situations:

"It's going to be fine. We've done it in the past. Darrell's actually done a good job for us back there. (Former DT) Dan Klecko did, too. We've used some different guys. We're looking at (TE) Gijon Robinson. It's a good role for Darrell. He understands what we do. There's just a limited number of plays in the goal line offense and he's doing a good job."

On if the rookies have performed as expected:

"That's probably a fair assessment. We're getting what we thought we would get and that's always a good deal for your scouting department — when there aren't really any surprises. (WR) Pierre Garcon has probably been the biggest surprise, not in terms of ability — he's doing the things we thought he could do — but adjusting to the higher level of competition a little faster than we thought. As far as the other guys, our linemen, we're getting what we thought we would from them: good, smart, versatile guys. (DE) Marcus Howard has been a good rusher for us. (RB) Mike Hart has done what we thought he would do in terms of running the ball and being a solid guy. The receivers have done what we thought they could so I guess. No surprises is the best way to put it."

On what he saw from LB Philip Wheeler prior to his injury:

"Philip's a different kind of guy than we've had, much bigger than most of our linebackers, very strong. He's got a lot of pop. Again, we saw that, that he was a very physical player in the box in college and he showed that here."

On if he prefers hot weather during camp:

"I like a few days of hot weather just to see who can fight through it. All in all, we got a lot of work done and it was a good camp from a player's point of view so I'm fine with it."

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