Talkin' With Tony: August 18

Tony Dungy took some time to chat with the media after practice Monday. See what the Colts coach had to say about Saturday's game in Atlanta, the team's plans for practicing at Lucas Oil Stadium, how long the starters will play against Buffalo this week, updates on Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders, and more!

"As far as the game, it was good news, bad news. We did some things better. I thought we had some better individual performances. Our quarterbacks, I thought, managed the blitzes that we got and got us in the right plays and the right protection a little bit better. But, we had a number of things that you can't do if you're going to win games in the regular season and we've got to get those addressed. We had way, way too many penalties. We were offside eight times altogether — a couple of them they declined, but we were offside eight times, we had three false starts and four holding penalties. We let two kickoffs hit the ground, we had another holding penalty on a punt return that cost us about 25 yards. Those kinds of things, we've got to get straightened out. We gave up two long runs that were really the result of us just not playing the proper defense. The good news was that we won and we had some good individual performances. The bad news was we still weren't as sharp as I'd like to see us in our third pre-season game.

"This week we're playing Buffalo and we will have our normal preparation and regular-season routine. We will have meetings and actually get into a game plan Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Hopefully that will cause us to sharpen up. We'll also structure our practice time where everybody's not going to get the same amount of practice time and we will focus on the starters and the guys that are going to play a little bit more this week."

On if he anticipates the starters playing into the third quarter Sunday vs. Buffalo:

"We do. I always like to do that in the third pre-season game, to get us playing into the third quarter so we get the feel of what we are going to do at halftime, how we make adjustments and incorporating that into the second half. I would say that those guys will play into the third quarter for sure."

On if he expects DB Bob Sanders and DE Dwight Freeney to play Sunday vs. Buffalo:

"Our hope is that they will, and if they don't have any setbacks in practice I think they both will play and have a limited pitch count. But we will see how practice goes."

On how he balances some players needing less practice time than others to be ready to play:

"It really goes by the individual. What they are feeling number one, what their assistant coach, their position coach says, depending on what position they play. Some positions it's easier to play without practicing than others. Everyone is an individual decision."

On if he anticipates any nerves from the players going into the first game at Lucas Oil Stadium:

"That's why we are going down there and practice (Tuesday), to get some of that out of the way. Everything I've heard from people who have gone in says it takes about 30 minutes just to look at it and take everything in, so we would prefer not to start off 30 minutes behind. We want to see if we can get a lot of that out of the way. It will be different going in there. I know when we went to (Houston's) Reliant (Stadium) for the first time it was pretty awe-inspiring to see. We want to do that and get some of those jitters out of the way.

On if Tuesday's practice is more about seeing the stadium than getting work done:

"It's a combination of both. Normally, in the pre-season, we would practice (Monday) and work on a few things. We are going to take that practice down there. We want to see the stadium and get all the logistics — where our guys park and where you come in and all those things — but, two, we want to kick down there and throw and just get the feel of that in the stadium, and then get some fundamental work. We're going to work on some situation work that we need, so hopefully a combination of both."

On if DB Brannon Condren's 2 ints vs. Atlanta shows he knows where he is supposed to be in the defense more:

"I think when you hustle, a lot of times good things happen to you. He is playing hard and he's been in the right place more often than not, and he's doing some of the things now that we saw him do in college. It was good to see him have a game like that."

On TE Tom Santi:

"Tom Santi is getting close to being ready to go. It's mainly a conditioning level. As far as physically and clinically, he's ready to go. We want to see where his conditioning is. We've got to make a decision at this point – Do we bring him off PUP? Once he goes, then he's off that, so we've got to make sure he's ready to go and doesn't have any conditioning issues. He could be out there this week as well."

On if QB Peyton Manning is on schedule:

"He's doing fine. He hasn't had any setbacks and is doing well."

On if he expects QB Peyton Manning to practice next week:

"That would be my hope, but we will see what happens."

On if the team needs to bring in more defensive linemen:

"We're looking at that possibility. We're going to see how our other guys go. There's actually four defensive linemen (injured). (DT) Eric Foster might miss a few days, too."

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