Talkin' With Tony: August 20

Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy talked to the media Wednesday about how the week of practice is going so far. Dungy talked about Peyton Manning's recovery, Clint Session's learning process, the new features at Lucas Oil Stadium and more!

"We are starting today on our normal week preparation, a typical Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It really helps our young guys get acclimated to how we do things and it's kind of nice to get back in that routine. We are looking forward to it. We had our early meetings and walk through and we'll have a normal practice that will be very similar to a Wednesday practice during the season. All systems are pretty much go right now and I'm looking forward to getting started."

On if DB Bob Sanders or DE Dwight Freeney had any issues after returning to practice Tuesday:

"They seem to be OK. We will see how they do in practice (Wednesday), but nothing was reported so I think they're doing pretty good."

On when he anticipates TE Tom Santi and OG Ryan Lilja to return to practice:

"I don't really know. I'm just going to take that as it comes. Neither guy is cleared to go yet, so we are just proceeding forward."

On if QB-Peyton Manning has returned and around the team on a regular basis:

"He is. He actually took all the walk-through reps today and he's got a routine that he's in and that's pretty much going to be it. He's taking the walk-through stuff and (QB) Jim (Sorgi) is taking the regular part of practice, but he is here and doing fine."

On if LB Clint Session has learned to curb his aggressiveness:

"Clint's doing well. He's had a good camp. The injury set him back a little bit. Before he got hurt he was really making strides and doing a lot of good things. He had plays that you would notice in a game. They were highlight film plays for one team or the other, so we are just working to make sure there are more highlight plays for us. But, he is doing well and getting better every day."

On if LB Clint Session is more aware on the field:

"Yes. It's a growing process. We switched him from weak side to strong side, which is a little bit different, so some of that is to be expected, but he's doing fine. He comes back and he'll run through and make a tackle in the backfield, chase some things down and blow up hits. We just have to channel that in the right way, but we are very pleased with him so far."

On if he anticipates a scenario where QB Peyton Manning could play in the Colts' final preseason game Aug. 28 and if that may affect how he uses others as well:

"It's possible. We've kind of talked about that with (DB) Bob Sanders as well. Bob's on schedule to play a little bit this week, but we will see how the week goes. We may hold him and have some guys that get their work in the following Thursday, but it is something that is weighing into our plans."

On if there is an update on QB Peyton Manning's timetable for return:

"No, not really. We are just taking it as it comes. Right now, this week, he is doing the walk-through stuff. We will see what happens from there."

On the biggest challenge with QB Peyton Manning:

"Keeping him held down and keeping him on the doctor's schedule, but he's doing a great job with that. He has been more patient with this than a lot of things, and he is doing fine."

On if DB Brannon Condren is seeing things better on the field:

"Yes. He's playing a little more relaxed, a little more comfortable, and his athletic ability is coming out. The things that we saw him do and the plays that he made in college, you are just waiting for him to relax and make those and he is doing it. He's a lot like (LB) Clint (Session). When the game slows down and you feel like you're in the right place, you can play aggressively and that's what's happening for Brannon as well."

On how tough it is to anchor down a player's aggressiveness like DB Brannon Condren and LB Clint Session:

"That's part of it, especially, in both of those guys' cases. In college they made a ton of plays, they had their freedom to go to the ball. To get them to understand that the ball may be there, but these guys can run anywhere and you have to really be gap-disciplined, that sometimes takes a little bit. It's coming and both of those guys are really progressing. They are naturally aggressive guys. They have ability and they have instincts and they make plays that sometimes you normally wouldn't make, also, and you don't want to take that away from them."

On how anxious he is to see the atmosphere Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium:

"I'm pretty excited. It'll be fun, even though it's just a preseason game. I think our guys going in there yesterday with no crowd at all were excited and had a very good practice just because of the atmosphere, so I think it's going to be great."

On if it helps that he went through moving into a new stadium while he was coaching in Tampa Bay:

"I don't know. I think opening up new places are always fun. It's not very often you get to do it. Especially for our veteran guys, seeing the difference between the (RCA) Dome and Lucas Oil (Stadium) and just feeling that pride and that energy, it's a difference and it'll be good for us."

On if he learned anything about moving into a new stadium going through it in Tampa Bay:

"We were fortunate here. In Tampa we played all of our preseason games and our first two regular-season games on the road to get ready, so the first time we saw the stadium was week three when we went in. This is different, having a chance to play some preseason games there and not get stressed out having seven road games in a row. It's going to be a big help. I think the thing you learn is that the stadium doesn't win for you, the amenities or the crowd or anything like that. You still have to show up and play and I think we will."

On improvements he noticed in Lucas Oil Stadium over the RCA Dome:

"The video boards are tremendous. I know how much my 42-inch TV costs in high def, so I can't even imagine what those cost, but they're spectacular. It should make it easier on those instant replay reviews. The locker room, the training room area, everything inside for us, is just really phenomenal. I took a small walk through the stands and the seats and the aisles and I think it's much better for our fans. Everything from us, in terms of even access coming in, parking spaces, everything that we're going to have to do before the game, is going to be much, much nicer."

On if he has seen the visitor's locker room at Lucas Oil Stadium:

"It's actually not that much smaller (than the Colts' locker room) and very nice. I think our visitors will be comfortable. It's really pretty nice. Matter of fact, some of the older coaches were laughing about going into the old Municipal Stadium in Baltimore and Cleveland and some of the old places where the locker rooms weren't that nice. These are a far, far cry from that."

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