Colts-Bills Postgame Quotes

The Colts opened Lucas Oil Stadium with a thud Sunday night, losing a 20-7 decision to the Buffalo Bills. Find out what coaches from the Colts and Bills and players from both teams had to say about the game inside.

Head coach Tony Dungy:

"It was a rather disappointing evening for us. We wanted to play much better opening up (Lucas Oil) stadium, but it didn't happen. I thought Buffalo came in and outplayed us. We've seen it on tape. They did the same thing with Pittsburgh and Washington. We'd seen a nice, very good physical team. I think Dick Jauron really got a team that he likes and, you know, they out played us tonight. They had the drive in the first half where we couldn't really generate anything in terms of their passing game on defense. They converted a bunch of third downs on us. I thought we played their running game pretty well but didn't really get them stopped on third downs. Offensively we didn't have a lot of rhythm, but didn't have the ball a lot. In the second half, we had a chance to get back in it but the turnovers on our part really took the wind out of our sails and defensively we couldn't force anything. So, it was one of those days we just didn't get the job done. It was a little disappointing. But we'll bounce back. We have a short week. We have to get ready for Cincinnati and we've got to get ready to get our roster cut down next week."

On Jim Sorgi not playing:

"Jim got hit in the game last week, in Atlanta, and came out of that okay. Practiced on Wednesday, did fine. Just had a little bit more swelling and a little bit more soreness everyday. Even (Saturday) was still pretty good when we took our final drill work. But in the warm up, didn't feel 100 percent and we just felt if it was a regular season game he probably would have played but we felt it was best not to play."

On Dwight Freeney's and Bob Sanders' return:

"That was probably the most encouraging thing. Both those guys went in there, played and came through it well. They did some good things out there. Dwight had a couple of pressures on the QB and played his 18-20 plays. I think Bob got back in the flow of things and did a good job also."

On Jeff Saturday's injury:

"Jeff went out and has a knee injury. I don't know the extent of it yet. TJ Rushing also had an injury and I don't know the extent of it yet. They'll both, I'm sure, get MRIs tomorrow."

On playing in Lucas Oil Stadium:

"It was a pretty big thrill, an awesome venue. It's going to be a great place for us to play. I thought our crowd was, judging from the way people came in, was very excited to be in here also."

DB Bob Sanders:

On how it feels to be back:

"Good. I got in there and made a few tackles, ran around a little bit. Conditioning felt great, physically I feel great, mentally I feel great, so I'm definitely ready."

On if he had any rust:

"A little bit. Always the first time you get back on the field, you feel a little rusty. You want to get out there, you want to make some tackles, you want to run around and see how your conditioning is. It's just getting back into it. I think once we get going, the season kicks off, we'll get back in a rhythm and get back to ourselves."

Bills head coach Dick Jauron:

"I told the team after the game that this was kind of a normal NFL game. If you could keep from turning the ball over, and can win that turnover battle, you'll have a real good chance of winning the game and that's what happened. We got a little sloppy in the second half I thought, penalty-wise. First half, I was pretty happy with how we played. Overall, our guys played well and played hard."

On QB J.P. Losman:

"I thought J.P. did a nice job of handling the offense, which was really good for us to see. I thought he did a terrific job. I thought he threw the ball well, he handled the information we got in and out. In the first series I thought he did a nice job moving us for a couple of first downs."

Bills QB J.P. Losman:

On his game tonight:

"I was just taking what they'd give me. They have a great pass rush. Our guys were able to handle that quite well, which was great to see."

RB Xavier Omon:

On scoring in Lucas Oil Stadium:

"I'm the first person to score a touchdown in the new stadium. That's going to mean a lot to me."

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