Talkin' With Tony: August 26

Colts coach Tony Dungy addressed the media Tuesday. Dungy spoke about the roster cuts and moves the team was forced to make today, addressed the injury situation and talked about how the team will approach Thursday's preseason finale. Find out what he had to say inside!

"We are starting our preparation for Cincinnati, getting ready for them. It's kind of a two-fold purpose week for us, getting ready for that and trying to formulate our roster and get down to the best 53-man team for us. I told our guys at the meeting this morning, that that was really the major focus of this game, trying to figure out what group was going to give us the best opportunity to have a great team in the regular season. And that's not always keeping the best players, but guys who can be versatile, guys who can do different things, special teams. So there will be a lot of things we're trying to see on Thursday night that will help us make those final decisions. We've looked at a lot of things from all the way back to OTAs on forward and want to come up with the best team. So with that in mind we're pushing forward and looking forward to having good practices and getting ready for Cincinnati."

On his plan for QB Peyton Manning, letting him go all-out or be limited starting out:

"We want to be limited. We're going to monitor him. Tom Santi's going to start practicing today also, and we just can't let those guys step in and do everything. We have kind of a pitch count and we'll monitor some things that kind of depend on how they feel and how they go. But we do have a maximum on both of those guys."

On C Jeff Saturday and DB T.J. Rushing:

"T.J. we actually put on IR (Injured Reserve) today. He has a ligament injury that's going to keep him out all year. It was really one of those freak things, just running down as a gunner and ran past the return man and came up hobbling. That was a tough one, really a tough break for him. Jeff is getting evaluated. We really don't know at this point where it is. It could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a major injury, and we're still trying to sort that out right now."

On if he anticipates having Jeff Saturday for the start of the season:

"Don't know that. I came here and told you a couple of years ago we're putting Dallas Clark on IR, and he ended up being probably the most valuable player in the playoff run. I think we're still at that point where Jeff has some options. We don't really know how bad it is. We're going to look at it and it will probably be through this weekend until it gets sorted out. But it could be the type of thing where he could be back next week or it could be something major if he needs surgery. We don't know right now."

On G Mike Pollak:

"I don't know his timetable either. He's not going to play this week, but we're hopeful of having him back next week."

On any other injuries:

"The only other one was (TE) Zac Herold. He got hit in the knee in the game and it ended up being a little more severe than we had hoped. So those were our roster moves, T.J. (Rushing) and Zac Herold to IR and then we released Clifton Dawson, Marcus Richardson and Adam Crossett. That's our five moves to get down to 75."

On if things go well in the next week and a half, if he is confident QB Peyton Manning can start vs. Chicago September 7:

"I've always been confident that he's going to be on track to start, and we'll see how that goes. The one thing we won't do is we won't put him out there if he's not ready to go physically or mentally. It's a long season. He thinks he's going to be ready, we feel like he will, but if he's not, we'll go to plan B."

On QB Jim Sorgi:

"Jim is actually not here today. All the x-rays, all the tests are negative. He has some swelling in that knee that we're trying to get to go down. He's kind of staying immobilized right now."

On the return jobs being open after T.J. Rushing being placed on Injured Reserve:

"This is a big game (vs. Cincinnati) for our returners. We've had guys who have done a good job and made some big plays in the return game. Pierre (Garcon) has been very good, but he's also dropped the ball a little bit. So we have to get him to relax and be comfortable back there and continue working on those good decisions. But we have talented guys between Pierre, Devin (Aromashodu), Courtney Roby, Keiwan Ratliff. We hope to get a look at a bunch of those guys in practice this week and in the game Thursday."

On the grasp QB Peyton Manning has of the system and how that will help him as he plays catch-up:

"It's certainly different than if it was a rookie or young player or a second-year guy. Peyton knows our offense, but it's a matter of being out there, doing it, getting the rhythm with the receivers, with the linemen and everyone and making sure he feels comfortable and ready to go. And that's the thing we don't know, how everything's going to respond. But so far, so good. He's been on track with everything the doctors have asked. We have every reason to believe it's going to go well, but it is a little bit of unchartered water right now."

On the C position and who plays and makes the calls if Jeff Saturday is out:

"If Jeff isn't playing, everybody has to pick up their game a little bit. It still falls on the center and these guys have practiced and they're going to do a good job. Jeff missed some time in the 2004 season and we had some tough games. I remember we went on Thanksgiving against Shaun Rogers and some good inside rushers in Detroit, and Trevor Hutton stepped in and played great. It's one of those things where, that's kind of how we practice and how we do things, and if Jeff is not able to go, we'll have some guys, whether it's Steve Justice, Mike Pollak, Jamey Richard, Ryan Lilja, whoever we decide to put in there, they'll do a good job and they'll know what's going on."

On other injures and players who sat out against Buffalo and whether they were being cautious holding them out or if there is reason for concern:

"I don't know that we have reason for concern for opening day for a lot of those guys. Those guys I think will be fine and be ready to go. We have a couple of guys that are iffy right now. Jeff you would have to put in the iffy category, Mike Pollak is iffy, Peyton's iffy at this point. I think for the rest of the guys we're counting on them being there and ready to go."

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