Talkin' With Tony: August 27

Tony Dungy updated the media after practice Wednesday as the Colts prepare to close the preseason with a home game against Cincinnati on Thursday. Find out what he had to say about injuries, the process players have to go through to get back on the field after an injury, managing the 53-man roster and more!

"I know everyone's anxious to know how (TE) Tom Santi did with his bursa sac and how he came out. Tom did very well, made it through practice well, was on a limited amount of plays and did fine. Our other bursa sac guy did the same and did fine."

On how QB Peyton Manning did at practice Tuesday:

"He actually did well. He threw, did his warm-up and got in the individual period and ball handling. He threw routes versus air and threw some one-on-one and threw very well and moved around and did fine. We did not have him in any of the team work, but he did fine and hasn't experienced any problems. So far, so good. He'll get a little more work (Wednesday). He will not play in the game (Thursday) but he's right on schedule."

On QB Jim Sorgi's injury:

"No update except that he's doing better. He appears to be healing and the swelling is going down. He's not here (Wednesday), but he is doing better and (Associate Head Athletic Trainer) Dave Hammer's really happy with his progress. He will not play (Thursday)."

On C Jeff Saturday's injury:

"I have not heard. I know Jeff is visiting, getting more looks at it, but I don't have an update on that."

On if he has settled on the cuts to be made Saturday:

"You have things, you think you know how they're going to go. You have some spots that you still want to see. I told our guys for the most part, when you get to those last eight or nine spots on the roster, there are a number of guys who could fill that role and you want to see who can do a number of things. That's what this game will be about. We'll have some young guys who will play more than they've normally played. They'll play in different spots on special teams. We have to get our return situation squared away and see who that returner is now with T.J. (Rushing) being out. That's going to be a big part of it, and that'll impact a few other decisions, depending on if the returner is a wide receiver or running back or a DB. Who can play multiple positions? That's what you are looking to see in this last game."

On if he has decided to keep Quinn Gray or Jared Lorenzen as the third QB this season:

"That's to be determined. A lot of that will be the medical report on Jim (Sorgi) and Peyton (Manning). Those guys (Gray and Lorenzen) are both going to play and we'll see how they do, and then we'll determine whether we will keep four, three or two.

"We haven't ruled anything out. A lot of that will be medical opinion on our quarterbacks, but (keeping) two is a possibility."

On if QB Quinn Gray will start Thursday:

"Probably, but I can't tell you that. That's how (Associate Head Coach) Jim Caldwell has done it, is flip-flop them both and we'll see, but they're both going to get to play."

On getting some guys back:

"We are. And we have a lot of updates on guys like (DB) Kelvin Hayden and (DE) Robert (Mathis) that we didn't know for sure if they would be back and ready to go for Chicago, but now it looks like they will be, so we've gotten a lot of good news."

On if he just wants the final preseason game to be over:

"You do want to find out some things about guys. There's always guys who show up in this last game and you're hoping that they can do some things for you and you see it in the game and that solidifies your decision making. So, that's what we're looking for and we have some things we want to get accomplished."

On the possibility of shortening the pre-season and adding games to the regular season:

"I've never been for that, necessarily. There are a lot of things that they'll do to feel like they'll make the game better. One thing that has been talked about is having an off week between the last pre-season game and the first regular-season game. I think that would help. You'd be more inclined to play guys and get some things done and you'd be less worried about having guys hurt and miss your opening game. But, as far as cutting it down to games or whatever, there are some plusses to that but there are negatives."

On managing the 80-man roster:

"It's been one of those things that I think you just deal with and that's what it is. Every year, you're probably going to look at it. Some years you're going to have more injuries, some years you're going to have less. One team is going to get hit and other teams may not. I think it's too early to tell. For us, it wasn't really a problem."

On playing starters in the preseason with the threat of injury:

"I think you have to go by your philosophy of how you're going to do it. We've had a way we've done things and it's been pretty successful. What you're hoping in the pre-season is you get your team ready to come out and be ready to play opening day, but you do it in such a way that you can still be fresh at the end of the year. That's what you're doing in training camp. We've had a formula and you are going to get some guys hurt. There's going to be the (C) Jeff Saturday's and the (N.Y. Giants DE Osi) Umenyiora's that nobody likes to see, but it's going to happen. I don't think you get scared off by that. You have to have a plan of how you are going to do things."

On if QB Peyton Manning surprised him by moving around so well at practice Tuesday:

"Not really because we've been telling you guys that he's been doing a lot of things. We have a pretty extensive workout before we let guys get back on the field. Guys like (DB) Bob Sanders and (DE) Dwight (Freeney) and (TE) Tom Santi, (LB) Tyjuan Hagler, they go through a routine with (Director of Rehabilitation) Erin Barill on the side in individual work and it's like a decathlon. So, when we clear guys to come back, I usually don't worry about how they're going to be because they usually have gone through a lot. He has, he's worked and he's doing well."

On if getting cleared to practice is more difficult than actually practicing:

"Maybe that's why we do it. It's almost like you'd rather be out at practice. But, I think it's a great procedure that we have. It is a safety-first thing. We don't generally put guys out on the field that aren't ready to go and haven't been through a lot and we've had a chance to see them. It's a precautionary thing and usually when they are cleared to practice, they're in great shape."

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