Who Will Stay And Who Will Go? Offense

Peyton Manning doesn't have to worry about not making the roster. While there will be a lot of obvious names in the 53-man group to start the regular season, there will be some surprises. Brad Keller has his 53 chosen already. See what offensive players he chooses inside!

This list is broken down by position, then by number of players I think the Colts will keep at that position, followed by guys who already on the roster, followed by the guys who are currently on the bubble that will make the final cutdown and the reasons why.


Number of spots: 3

Already on the roster: Peyton Manning, Jim Sorgi.

Lorenzen has been far from perfect, but the Colts need a third QB to start the season
AP Photo/Mark Duncan

On the bubble: Quinn Gray, Jared Lorenzen.

The final spot goes to:

Lorenzen.  Quinn Gray has more experience, a more impressive resume, and will draw fewer wisecracks from the announcers as they attempt to say "Hefty Lefty" as many times in a broadcast as possible, but he has not been as impressive as Lorenzen thus far.

They had an equal amount of time to learn the offense and adjust to the personnel they had to work with and Lorenzen simply did a better job of learning and adjusting.  Plus, Gray has already been let go twice this season — allowed to walk away from Jacksonville and released by Houston — so the other teams in the AFC South may have already discovered that Gray isn't worth keeping on the roster.

Running Backs:

Number of spots: 4

Already on the roster: Joseph Addai, Dominic Rhodes.

On the bubble: Kenton Keith, Mike Hart, Chad Simpson.

The final spots go to:

Hart and Keith.  Hart was the more impressive rookie running back and the most impressive rookie overall.  Keith has more experience in the offense, already banked a great deal of goodwill during the regular season in 2007, and it seems highly unlikely that, after cutting ties with Clifton Dawson, that the Colts would head into the regular season with two rookies as their top backups.

Wide Receivers:

Number of spots: 6

Already on the roster: Anthony Gonzalez, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne.

On the bubble: Pierre Garcon, Sam Giguere, Devin Aromashodu, Courtney Roby, Roy Hall, Onrea Jones.

Roy Hall's ability to help in the kicking game should assure him a spot
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The final spots go to:

Roby, Garcon, and Hall.  Giguere and Jones, quite simply, aren't ready and are nowhere near as far along in their development as the other men on the bubble, so they're eliminated outright.  Aromashodu is a very gifted athlete that has struggled to put it all together on the field.

Garcon shows a great deal of promise, runs concise routes, and can return punts, while Roby returns kicks.

Since the Colts aren't going to depend on their fourth, fifth, and sixth receivers to catch passes, they need to keep the best special teamers they can.  If someone goes down with an injury, Jones, Giguere, and probably Aromashodu — although someone make take a chance on his upside — should be available to be signed to in.

In the meantime, Hall, Garcon, and Roby can get better on the offensive side of things while their skills in the kicking game help the Colts win now.

Gijon Robinson's blocking ability will help him move from the practice squad to the active roster
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Tight End:

Number of spots: 3

Already on the roster: Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme, Gijon Robinson.

On the bubble: None.

The final spot goes to:

Tom Santi may get signed to the practice squad, but there isn't a lot of mystery surrounding the tight end position.  Clark isn't getting cut, Tamme has been nearly flawless, and Robinson is the best inline blocker they have at the position.

Offensive Line:

Number of spots: 10

Already on the roster: Jeff Saturday, Ryan Lilja, Ryan Diem, Charlie Johnson, Mike Pollak, Jamey Richard, Steve Justice, Tony Ugoh, Daniel Federkeil.

On the bubble: Tala Esera, Michael Toudouze, Corey Hilliard, Darren Marquez.

The final spot goes to:

Toudouze.  As has been well documented, Marquez is practice squad material at best.  Hilliard was the stiffest competition Toudouze faced in the offseason, but Toudouze proved to be one of the few rays of sunshine in the final preseason game.

He started at right tackle and performed well, certainly well enough to secure the final open offensive line spot.  And, given the versatility of Johnson, Lilja, Justice, Richard, and Pollak, the Colts have enough moving parts on the inside to keep an extra tackle as opposed to an extra guard.

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