Dungy: We're Looking Forward To It

See what Tony Dungy had to say to the media Wednesday about preparing to take on the Chicago Bears in the season opener. Dungy talked about the team's routine for game week, who will start at center, the defensive line rotation, the importance of avoiding complacency and much more!

"It is good to have everybody out and good to be here for the regular-season opener. I'm looking forward to our first practice getting ready for the Bears. I thought our team, in the meeting (Wednesday) morning, was very focused and understands what's at stake. I think we have a good veteran group to show our young guys what preparing for regular-season games is like and what it's all about. We're looking forward to it."

On who will start at center:

"I don't know, we'll see. Probably Jamey Richard, but we'll see how he and Steve (Justice) do and we'll go from there."

On how he has gone about making that decision:

"Looking at everything. Looking at the way practice has gone and also looking at what's best and who can back up. One guy is going to have to start at center and one guy is going to have to be the back-up at the other two inside spots. They've both played center and they've both played guard. We'll see how it goes, but that's our plan right now, that Jamey (Richard) would be the center and that Steve (Justice) is going to work at both guards."

On if he has a sense of when C-Jeff Saturday might be back:

"I don't really know, although he's feeling pretty chipper and walking around well and rehabbing. It's kind of hard to say, but we'll take it week-to-week and see how it goes. He's definitely not playing this week, so we'll see from there."

On if QB Peyton Manning has changed his day-to-day approach in his 11 years in the NFL:

"I've had him for the last seven, and he really hasn't changed his approach that much in the time I've been here. He has a routine that he likes. He does prepare a lot. He watches a lot of tape. We were talking about practice regimen a little bit, where we have less throws during the course of the week than we had in 2002, but I think his mental preparation and the way he looks at getting ready for a game is probably very similar."

On if the approach has helped Manning be an 11-year starter:

"I think preparation is the key to playing well, whatever position you are playing, whether you're a rookie or an 11th-year guy. Sometimes, it gets harder as the years go on to prepare the same way, to put the same energy into it and to treat it as a fresh, new situation. I think Peyton likes the challenges. I think he looks at every game as something new and he doesn't look at this as, ‘This is my 11th year starting and this is the fifth or sixth time I've played the Bears, so ho-hum.' He attacks every game the same way and I think that's what makes him good."

On if some players let preparation slide as veterans:

"It's hard. You don't think you are. I like to call it Death by Inches. You think you're doing the exact same things, you think you're working as hard, but there's something subconsciously that says, ‘I've done this before. I don't need to watch three reels of tape because they're basically doing the same thing that they did. I'll watch one and I don't see anything different.' It's subconscious in a lot of ways."

On if it helps Manning to get back to a routine:

"I think very much so. I think we all like to be in that and to be in your comfort zone of doing exactly what you're used to doing. I think it's good for all of us that we are in our routine. We have our walk through, we have our meetings, we have the tape studies that we normally do, we have our 12:45 press excursion and it's all good. It's all familiar."

On if Manning is limited physically this week:

"No, not at all. He's going to take his normal reps and, I'm sure, work through his normal routine."

On the defensive line set-up for Sunday:

"Probably, right now, the way we are looking at it, is Raheem (Brock) and Robert (Mathis) on the left and Josh Thomas and Dwight (Freeney) on the right. We have four inside tackles and we have a bunch of young guys. (Defensive line coach) John Teerlinck is already lobbying me to dress 12 defensive linemen, so we have to see how many we can dress. More than likely, we will have eight — four inside guys and four outside guys."

On if it's surprising how much the Bears have changed since Super Bowl XLI:

"The Chicago media asked me that and it really doesn't look like it's that much different to me. I look at our team and we have guys that aren't here from that Super Bowl game, too. I think that's just football in this decade, that you're not going to have the same guys every year. What they do is exactly the same. I think they way they're coached is the same, their philosophy, so looking at it, to me, it didn't look that much different."

On if he has different expectations from the Bears:

"I think it'll be similar. I've coached against (Bears Offensive Coordinator) Ron Turner when I was at Minnesota in 1992 and he was the offensive coordinator with the Bears. It's the same format and the same style of plays, the same execution level. I'm sure he looks at the defense the same way and says, ‘This is the same defense I was coaching against in 1992.' I think it's going to be one of those execution games, which the Super Bowl ended up coming down to. We made a couple of mistakes and we were able to rebound from it. They made, I'm sure what they would consider a couple of mistakes — a blown coverage that gave us a touchdown and a return for a touchdown — and they weren't able to recover from it."

On if he expects a rookie center to respond Sunday night:

"I think it's what the expectations are. For us, we've pretty much had rookies starting every year somewhere. Usually if you expect them to do a good job, I think they usually do. We're not going to really change anything. We had (RB) Joseph Addai playing a lot for us and playing a big role his rookie year. We've had other situations that way. Booger McFarland got hurt last year and (DT) Ed Johnson started and played and played pretty well. We didn't really change anything or do anything different. You just have to have confidence in your guys. That's why you have 53-man teams, and whoever the center is will do a good job."

On what this year feels like after being defending Super Bowl champions last season:

"This year, it feels a little more normal. (Last year) you had the Thursday-night opener, every place you go you're talked about as defending champions, you're playing a schedule that's a little bit different, they have you on national TV a little bit more. This year, for us, training camp was normal, and other than everybody trying to find out where Peyton was and how he was doing, it really was pretty much a normal camp for us. I think, in that regard, it is nicer for us just to be able to play."

On if he feels any urgency to win the Super Bowl this year:

"I think we always look at it every year that we have a shot to win it. That's our goal coming in every year. For us, really from 2002 to this year, has never been any different. We have certainly not felt like ‘Well, if we don't win it this year, we have to re-tool the team and start all over.' We've never taken that approach, so every year has pretty much been the same for us."

On if Indianapolis hosting the Super Bowl in 2012 is a motivator for him to stay with the Colts until then:

"2012? I would love that. I would love to have a shot. Hopefully I can make it that long, but it's way, way too far out to think. I think it's going to be great for our city and hopefully I am still here and enjoying it. At the end of this year, I'll make a decision and at the end of the next year make a decision. I wouldn't factor that in to what's going to happen in 2012."

On if the Colts have a realistic chance to play in the Super Bowl in 2012:

"I think so. That's our goal. We want to be a team that's there for a long period of time. I know that's the way (team president) Bill (Polian) and (Owner and CEO) Jim (Irsay) think and the way they operate. That's definitely a goal, not only to be there at that one, but at a couple more before that."

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