Orton: Leading By Example

The Bears have settled on Kyle Orton as their quarterback, and he took some time earlier this week to talk to the media about biding his time to become a starter in the NFL, being named a team captain, opening up Lucas Oil Stadium, his days in Indiana playing for Purdue, and more!

On becoming a starting NFL quarterback not occurring overnight:

"No, it usually happens that way. It usually takes a little while. I'm certainly happy with where I'm at right now and have a lot of work to do."

On how far he's come since not playing the year the Bears made the Super Bowl:

"It's tough when you're not playing, but that's the way this league works, it takes a little while. But I've tried to work hard and keep on preparing and wait for my break. Hopefully this is the one."

On being named team captain:

"It's a great honor, obviously, especially with it being my fourth year in the league. It's a lot of responsibility being the team captain, and I just try to lead by example and continue my preparation and hard work and go from there."

On being the same guy since college:

"I guess. I try not to change, I guess, except in good ways. It's my fourth year now in the league and just really know what it takes to be a pro at this level and the preparation and the work that it takes. I just try to concentrate myself on that."

On where minimizing mistakes ranks on his list or priorities as quarterback:

"I think that's probably every quarterback's number one job, is to minimize mistakes and throw the ball to the right guy. That would be my job description number one as a quarterback when I think of it."

On opening up Lucas Oil Stadium:

"It's certainly going to be a great test for us, playing against obviously one of the premier teams in the league, opening up their new stadium. We certainly have our work cut out for us. It's going to take a lot of preparation and a lot of hard work, but we're confident and we feel like if we play one of our best games we have a chance to go down there and steal one."

On still keeping in touch with Purdue Coach Joe Tiller:

"Coach is one of my favorite guys. If I ever have any issues or anything I need to talk about, he certainly is up there on the list of guys who I would call and take advice from. He's taught me a lot throughout my career and throughout my life. He's had a major impact on my life."

On Coach Joe Tiller saying about Orton that you can't teach that kind of toughness, referring to the Capital One Bowl Game:

"He might be one of the few guys that can. He's a tough head coach and expects a lot out of you and expects you to be prepared and work hard. And he doesn't really take anything but that. I know he's taught me quite a bit about the game of football."

On Purdue football without Coach Joe Tiller around:

"It's going to be different. He's certainly been the face of the program for the last decade, or however long he's been there. It's going to be different not seeing him on the sidelines, but Danny Hope, he was there my freshman year, and I think he'll be a great coach."

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