Bears-Colts Postgame Quotes

See what players and coaches had to say Sunday night following the Chicago Bears 29-13 win over the Indianapolis Colts in the first regular-season game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Hear from both teams about what the Bears did right, the Colts did wrong, and where both teams go from here.

Colts coach Tony Dungy

On the Bears' play:

"They've done it in the Super Bowl. We saw them on a lot of tape last year. They did it in the preseason. We moved the ball effectively at times, didn't finish our drives in the red zone. In the first half, we gave them some big plays on defense, some easy scores, obviously. They had the long touchdown run and then a fumble return touchdown and got 14 points pretty easily. Then they converted on third down. They did a good job of keeping it third and three, third and four, third and five and picking those first downs up. They just did a good job."

On Matt Forte:

"I thought he ran well. He did what we've seen on tape. He ran down hill. We didn't come up with what we needed, obviously. I think he had 100 yards at halftime and the one long run. But he ran well. Not much different than what we've seen on tape."

On C Jamey Richard's play:

"I thought Jamey played well in there. We didn't have much leakage in the middle. It was not a game of (QB) Peyton (Manning) not practicing or playing in the preseason or (C) Jeff (Saturday) being out. They just outplayed us in every phase."

On QB Peyton Manning:

"I thought he played OK. We didn't hit some that we normally hit. It was just, again, all the way around, special teams, field position, we had a couple of turnovers at safety, nine points that we gave up on offense, seven points on a long run and field position on special teams. All in all we didn't play well enough to win."

QB Peyton Manning

On how he felt:

"I felt OK. I don't really have a percentage of how I felt, but I really felt OK during the game physically. It kind of went about like I thought. I knew it would take me a little time to get into a rhythm after not playing. I felt like I was starting to get into it at the start of the second half. I felt we sort of were getting the timing of things, had a little rhythm going there, a good drive. The second half — with the safety and the turnover, fumble for a touchdown and the turnover on downs — that sort of took any rhythm we had offensively away. So it was disappointing. I thought we had little bit of something going there at the beginning of the half with the touchdown. Our defense did a good job of really holding them. I felt like the offense gave them their last three scores — the safety, the touchdown and the turnover on downs."

On the Bears' defense:

"I think it was like a lot of first games for me. The first game — whether you played in the preseason or not — you always have some excitement. Watching the other quarterbacks today the play is always a little changed in the first game. It always takes a couple of series to get into a groove. I was really trying to be smart with the ball, protecting the ball and trying to get some completions, get into a groove. Like I said I felt like we were kind of doing that towards the end of the first half and beginning of the second half. What the Bears did is what they usually do to win, they created turnovers. That is something we thrive on not doing. When you turnover three times against a team like the Bears it's a credit to them for creating those and our fault for giving those."

On the loss:

"It is sickening, is what it feels like. It's a really disappointing feeling to lose a game. First game in a new stadium, fifteenth game in an old stadium, it is really disappointing to lose. So we have to go to work. Obviously there are some things we need to work on. Offensively we have to protect the ball better. You can't turn the ball over in this league and win. We saw that with most of the games today. You were watching teams that were turning it over, most of them were not winning. That is something we need to do a better job of."

RB Dominic Rhodes

On the reasons for the loss:

"It doesn't matter whether it was the first game or not. It was their first game too. I think there was maybe a little rust, maybe we didn't concentrate; it could be a whole lot of things. I know for a fact that we didn't play our best ball. We didn't do what we were supposed to do and that's execute and play Colts' ball. It just didn't happen tonight."

On the running game and injuries to the OL:

"We always expect to go out and run the football. I believe that if you're on any team and you're in this league, you have to expect that whatever you do at your position, you have to be dominant. Today, we just didn't do that. We just need to go back to practice, work hard and get better for next week. If a starter goes down then the next guy is the starter. Everybody is an NFL player. You have to step in. That's what we do here. If one guy goes down, the next guy steps up. As of right now, those are the starters out there and we have to get it done."

WR Anthony Gonzalez

On the Colts' performance:

"It was pretty obvious we got outplayed. When you make a lot of mistakes and you don't do what you're supposed to do, you lose the ball game. They played their scheme, we played ours and they were the better team tonight."

On if the Bears surprised the Colts:

"It's the National Football League. Every team you play is going to be good. I'm too young to worry about who's better than anybody else. I'm surprised we didn't execute better. They're getting paid in that locker room, too."

SS Bob Sanders

On the Colts' performance:

"We said in the beginning coming into this game that it was going to be all about execution and who was going to make less mistakes and they did tonight. We have to give them a lot of credit for it."

On the loss being a setback for the Colts:

"Setback, we have a long season. It's still early. We have to strap it up, come back, prepare and be critical of ourselves and look at our mistakes and come back next week and be strong. We have to look at our mistakes, mental errors and big plays that we gave up and not causing any turnovers. Going into every game you want to get turnovers and not turnover the ball. Those are the things we'll look at."

LB Gary Brackett

On if he is surprised by the loss:

"A little bit, just because we usually start a little faster than this. You have to take your hat off to Chicago. They came in with a great game plan and they got the job done."

On how the team comes back from an early loss:

"We fought through adversity last year. We lost a couple of years ago to New England in the opener. You just bounce back. It's still a long season. We're not out of the playoffs right now, and we're not in the playoffs, so we have to come back right."

On if the first regular-season game in Lucas Oil Stadium was a distraction:

"No excuses. They did a good job. They came out here with a game plan that they executed. Next week is going to be a challenge for us to go to Minnesota and get those guys stopped."

DE Dwight Freeney

On what went wrong:

"Just turnovers and big plays. It's the NFL. You can't have that happen and expect to win. But, my hat goes off to the Bears. They played great. They had a great game plan coming into the game and they stuck to it."

On if there was any difference in noise from the RCA Dome to Lucas Oil Stadium:

"It was loud. If the roof was closed, it may have been a little bit louder, but it was loud. The fans did a great job of supporting us."

Bears coach Lovie Smith

"This is the way you want to start off your football season. Going in to the game we wanted to establish the run on the offensive side of the ball and we were able to do that. (QB) Kyle Orton did a great job in making plays on offense, and how about (RB) Matt Forte — first game out! We've seen flashes of that in the preseason and throughout training camp. I thought our offensive line did a super job of opening up the holes for all of our running backs to be able to push the power back. On the defensive side of the ball, the defense hadn't played as well through the pre-season and if you really look at the pre-season, you know you really can't look at the pre-season and see exactly what you have. You have to get to the first game. I think they really stood up. This is the first time we've been healthy all at the same time. So, our first goal was to score, and that score by the defense was big. Throughout they played pretty hard the entire time and that is what we are used to seeing. Special teams wise we did some good things, made a couple of mistakes. We had the normal first game mistakes that you normally have. Overall, of course we are pleased. It is huge getting a win on the road like that. Injury wise, we are in pretty good shape. Nothing serious came out of the game."

On throwing to multiple receivers:

"It was kind of the plan. We heard about how we don't have a one receiver so that's why we have to spread it out to all of them. We do have a lot of weapons. (TEs) Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen, to all of our receivers. Kyle did a good job of getting the ball to our running backs."

On what this kind of win does for the team:

"To me, it's one win. You don't win championships the first quarter of the season but you still would like to get a lead. And, of course we like being 1-0 right now instead of being 0-1. But as much as anything it was the way we played. How we were able to win the football game. We'll enjoy this tonight but realize we have another big game coming up against Carolina next week."

QB Kyle Orton

On the opening snap:

"It was loud. It was loud and I don't know exactly what happened but we had to get the snap that's on me and we didn't have any issues the rest of the game."

On the team's level of confidence:

"We really ran the football on them and we're a running football team. I don't know any numbers but we had to have been close to 200 yards rushing the football. So anytime we do that and control the clock and make key plays in the passing game, we are going to be right there. Defense played great, special teams played great, and we moved the football still. That's how we are going to win games. We are a three-phase football team and it was a total team effort."

On coming through on third downs:

"That's big for us to convert on crucial third downs. They have a great defensive line. It has caused us a lot of issues in past games. So, we are sticking with the run game and then when we had to make key third-down plays we threw the ball. The guys up front did a great job of protecting and the receivers did a great job of catching the ball."

RB Matt Forte

On the Bears' offense:

"We hit on all cylinders, running and throwing the ball. Running is going to help the pass and as long as you keep running the ball well, it will keep helping the pass."

On his performance:

"I did well out there. I just can't take the credit. The offensive line blocked well and the receivers blocked well down the field and Kyle (Orton) made good decisions with the ball."

CB Charles Tillman

On the Bears' game plan:

"Just start fast. That was one of the biggest problems in the preseason. We didn't start fast. We started fast and we were victorious. Our defensive line played well. I have to give praise to the coaches. They did a great job of putting us, the players, in situations for us to make plays. I really can't explain how or why we turned the switch on. I'm just glad we did turn it on because it counts now. One down and fifteen to go."

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