Del Rio: A Lot Of Football Ahead Of Us

Jack Del Rio took some time to talk to the Indianapolis media in a conference call this week. See what the Jacksonville coach had to say about his team's rough start, injury situation, playing for Tony Dungy, the AFC South and more!

On RB Fred Taylor and finally making the Pro Bowl:

"I'm real happy for Fred. He's a consummate pro, has taken great care of his body and doing all the conditioning and things you need to do to sustain the level of play that he has been able to. When you're able to do it for as high a level and for as long as he has, it obviously requires a great commitment and a great work ethic."

On if the team still looks to Taylor as a leader by example:

"Without a doubt. He's one of our captains and one of the guys that has become a real leader in the locker room for us."

On the interior line and overcoming the loss of key players for both teams:

"I think in both situations we're doing the best we can to plug in guys and continuing to maintain expectations. We work at it. That's what we're doing. The guys that have been plugged have done a nice job working hard and getting up to speed and giving us a chance."

On when he expects C Brad Meester back:

"For sure by the bye week, maybe sooner."

On adding G Chris Naeole and what he can add:

"We'll bring him along. We've been monitoring his rehab and we've added him now and it's good to have him back in the fold."

On the expectations not changing despite injuries:

"I must have learned that playing for Tony (Dungy). I played for Tony for several years up in Minnesota and as a player and as a coach, that's the only way I've ever known. Things happen, different people are thrust into action, and the team carries on. You ask guys to step in, step up, play well and we continue the charge."

On the AFC South:

"It's two weeks into the season, so certainly everybody continues to have a shot. I think clearly Indy has had a stranglehold on this division and there are other teams interested in chasing them down. It's early in the season and a lot of football ahead of us."

On the AFC South and it being among the top divisions:

"There really are four good football teams in this division. Regardless of how it ends up shaking out, I think when you look at it, if you go into the game with one of these four teams you're going to feel it and it's going to be a hard-fought battle."

On the defensive headsets:

"I guess it's been fairly seamless. I don't know that there's been a lot that has changed. We've adapted to it. I think other teams have. We continue to prepare for the day that the system malfunctions and you have to continue to play without it. I'm still wondering how it's going to hold up over the course of the year with players in these very violent collisions having that transmitter inside their helmet and having that thing continue to function. That's just an unknown. But beyond that, it's been pretty good."

On if there is any different preparation for the Colts without DB Bob Sanders:

"Not really. We all know each other. Obviously, he's a very good football player. If I know Tony and I know the Colts, just like us, they're going to continue to do the things they believe in and expect the guys that step into that role to play well. So we'll prepare accordingly."

On a ‘must win' and if there is such thing:

"I really resist the urge to make one game more important than the other. Clearly, divisional games do take on added significance, and I think we all have to recognize that. But beyond that, I think the most important thing to focus on is the preparation and the work that needs to be put in, and then go out and compete and do what we do as well as we can. And that's what we're looking for."

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