Jaguars-Colts Postgame Quotes

See what Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, Dwight Freeney, Freddy Keiaho, Jack De Rio, David Garrard and others had to say about Sunday's 23-21 Jacksonville win at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Colts coach Tony Dungy

"Obviously, very disappointing game. I think you have to give a ton of credit to Jacksonville. They came in and got their running game going. I thought their two backs ran hard, ran outstanding. (QB) David Garrard made a lot of plays on third down. Obviously, in the second half we couldn't get the ball back. They drove it down the field three times when they had to, to make the plays. We didn't have the ball very much in the second half. Had one good drive at the end, but we didn't play well enough to win today. We have to play better. We've got to defend the run much better, obviously."

On CB Rashean Mathis' interception return:

"We'll see tomorrow. It was an interception for a touchdown. We'll see tomorrow what it looks like. I'm not going to get into blaming the officials for games. We've got to play a lot better."

On the pass-interference penalty on the last drive:

"We'll see that one tomorrow, too. I can't comment. On what I looked at, it looked liked the game was over and it was a pass interference call. I tried to find out what the call was. That's the only thing disappointing to me. After time outs, I never could get an explanation on what the call was. Again, we had plenty of chances to stop them on that drive and the drive before that."

On Jacksonville's offense:

"They made the plays. Fred Taylor some runs, should be a one-yard loss and ends up being a four-yard run. They're running through when we got guys free. Their backs just played better than we played today. They both ran for 100 yards. There's no way you're going to win on days like that. We had a lot of free guys there. And their backs are good backs and they make people miss and they made us miss today."

QB Peyton Manning:

On the Colts limited second-half time of possession:

"It works both ways. Obviously we need to stay on the field. It's a double-edge deal. We had the ball twice before that and I think had a turnover and a three and out. We got to do our job to stay on the field."

On Rashean Mathis' interception:

"I didn't get a great look at it. I throw a lot of hook routes to Marvin and when he is coming back to the quarterback it is almost impossible for the corner to cut in front of him unless he is grabbing him. So that is disappointing because it gave them the touchdown, but it happened early and we had chances to overcome it. Certainly it's unfortunate."

On getting players back from injuries:

"That does not necessarily guarantee anything. Obviously you would like to have all your players healthy, give them a chance to play. We had a chance to win the game today and didn't, with a number of guys injured. That may be the case for the rest of the season. We have to find a way to get it done. There may be a lot closer games. Maybe our ability to grab big leads on teams might not be as good a chance of that, but still have to find a way to win close games. This was a close game. Give Jacksonville credit, they made the plays and we didn't."

On the running game:

"It was good to get Dom(inic Rhodes) and Joe (Addai) in some space. Dom had a really good run on a draw play. Joe made some good runs. I am sure we will see some good blocking by the lineman, the tight ends, the receivers that allows that to happen. That was a positive and we need to build on that."

On the offense today:

"The timing is all right. We got some young guys playing up front. (OT-Dan) Federkeil got hurt. (OG) Jamey Richard is coming in and playing right guard for the first time in his career. So, there are some new guys up front which I know (C) Jeff (Saturday), (OT-Ryan) Diem and (OT) Charlie (Johnson) are getting used to working with those guys. Anytime you have new guys you are going to work through it and try to get comfortable with those guys. That is kind of where we are at this point with so many young guys playing."

Center Jeff Saturday

On Jacksonville:

"They definitely executed their game plan. You have to give credit to those guys. They played a hard fought game and their kicker (Josh Scobee) made a heck of a kick at the end of the game to win it."

On the Colts' offense:

"I think we clicked fairly well on offense. I think we had two drives that were stopped and they were both third-and-longs. Offensively, we've got to keep ourselves out of those. I thought the guys fought hard. We scored on most of our drives but we've got to score on all of them if that's how it has to be."

RB Joseph Addai

On Jacksonville's game plan:

"They had a good game plan and kept us off the field. It's a loss and we don't want that. We've got to make the most of what we get. They did a good job of holding the ball for a long time. We'll go back, watch film and try to get better."

DE Dwight Freeney

On Jacksonville dominating the time of possession in the second half:

"It's tough. My hat goes off to them. They had a good game plan to run the ball and try to keep our offense off the field. They did a good job doing that. They have two tough backs, but there were some plays where we should have had them down. As a defense, we have to make those plays on third down. We'll take a look at the film on Monday and we'll analyze it and know exactly what happened. It's hard to tell now."

On if he is mad:

"Yes. We're 0-2 at home and you never want to be 1-2 (overall), especially losing a division game. It's very important that we win division games for tiebreakers and all of that and we didn't get it done. The good thing is, it's a long season and it happened early."

On if there is anything in particular the defense can do to stop the run better:

"Basically, just wrap up, tackle and make the play. What people need to understand is with our scheme and the way we play defense, especially going against the teams we play, great running teams, all it takes is one guy on this particular play for a big run. It doesn't necessarily have to be the whole group, it doesn't have to be 10 guys. It could just be one guy. We have to check the film to figure that out, and that's what we are going to do Monday. But, your hat goes off to them. They had a great game plan."

On if DB-Bob Sanders absence has a lot to do with the run defense issues:

"Who knows? That would be the easy thing to say. Obviously, having Bob out there would help, but who knows? We could have had Bob out there and it could have been runs like that anyway because it's 11 guys and you have to be accountable for each particular gap. If it's one guy out of the gap, it could be a big run regardless of if Superman is out there, that could happen. Also, tackling. The guys, collectively as a group, have to tackle better. They had a great scheme coming into the game, too. So, we can't say it's all us and none of them. They had a great scheme. They came out here running the ball 90 percent of the time, which we kind of knew they were going to do, but they did a good job executing their runs."

LB Gary Brackett

On Jacksonville's game plan:

"I can't say I was really surprised. Any time they are running the ball as well as they were, we obviously weren't getting them off the field. They stuck to their game plan and it's on us to get off the field."

On the loss:

"I tip my hat off to Jacksonville. We knew coming into the game that they were a tough football team. They always play us tough and we knew it was going to be a dogfight. They won the game in the closing seconds and you have to tip your hat off to those guys. Obviously, they had a good game plan coming in and running the ball against us. We just didn't stop them."

On the slow start to the season:

"It doesn't feel good. Any time you start the season off this way, obviously not getting a win at home, it never feels good. We've been in situations where we've won eight, 10 and 13 games in a row. I definitely feel that what is going on is correctable and once we do (correct it), we'll be a good football team."

On the pass-interference penalty on the final drive:

"That wasn't the end of the game. The end of the game was them kicking the field goal, so we still had an opportunity to win the game. It's just unfortunate. That's the game of football, you get some calls and some calls go against you."

DB Kelvin Hayden

On learning from the game:

"We have to play better. There are no excuses and we have to improve. We have a lot to learn from this because losses are unacceptable. We have to tackle better and run to the ball."

Coach Jack Del Rio

Opening comments:

"It was a tremendous AFC South battle. Obviously we knew it was going to be a heck of a game. I thought the guys came in prepared to give a fight, work hard, and we were able to get some things going, run the ball, pass the ball, convert some third downs, get our backs some touches. Everybody did a great job. They came in there and responded the way they have so many times, looking to steal a game late like they did last week with Minnesota. Fortunately, we were able to get the ball with a little bit of time to go and we were able to come up with a performance. (QB) David (Garrard) made some good throws and enabled us to get a kick up, and the thing was just drilled. He drilled it. It would have been good from 65 (yards) by the way it looked. There was never a doubt. So, I'm really, really proud of the guys. Real physical, determined effort, showed a lot of resolve and a lot of grit."

On the Peyton Manning pass to Marvin Harrison on 4th down at the end of the game:

"Well, (CB-Scott) Starks would have been that guy, or Rashean Mathis would have been that guy, but boom, boom, we've got two injuries there but Will (James) can play and Harrison ran a timely route and they hooked up and made a nice little play. So, 4th and 2 we are going to be aggressive there and try to make a stop, but they made a play. They made a nice play there, that's Peyton to Harrison and, you know, how many times have we seen that over the last 10 years?"

On the game being a must win:

"They are all must wins. Of course, nobody likes to lose. Winning is great and losing is not very good. You put so much energy and effort, and so much time into these ball games and gearing up for the season and to drop the first one in the division is tough because they are all must wins. Now we've got ourselves to 1-1 within the division. We've got four more games there. There's a lot of football left. There's a lot of football left regardless of how this game finished."

On the noise level in Lucas Oil Stadium compared to the RCA Dome:

"Nothing easy about what just transpired. I think you are talking about a good football team, loud environment, very difficult circumstances. I didn't really, to be honest with you, notice a big difference. It is loud. I think it's very similar."

QB David Garrard

On the final kick:

"Man, I was doing a lot of praying. It felt like we won the Super Bowl. I ran out on the field and the coaches were yelling to get back on the sideline. It was a lot of stress released off of our bodies."

On the last-drive penalty called on the Colts:

"I was not surprised. It needed to be called. It was a slant route and the linebacker knocked the receiver off."

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