Fantasy Focus: Buy Low, Sell High

Just because the economy is lagging, doesn't mean there isn't trading and releasing to be done in fantasy football. What should you do with the stars on the Colts roster that have struggled so far? Brad Keller has the analysis.

Peyton Manning:

Given where he was drafted in most leagues, Peyton Manning has struggled so far this season, with only 784 yards and three touchdown passes matched against four interceptions in the early going.

Manning has faced some tough defenses, no doubt, but his numbers suggest that he is not the Peyton Manning of old, and certainly not the Manning that was drafted in the first or second round, in the hopes of carrying a fantasy team.

After using the bye week to rest and realign with his receivers, Manning will recover, starting on Sunday against the Texans. However, after the Texans, he faces some stout defenses in the form of the Baltimore Ravens, the Tennessee Titans (twice), the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the New England Patriots.

If he he is dangled in trade talks following the Houston game and those talks yield a first-string running back, then it is time to trade. 

However, anything less than a marquee tailback is grounds for a dismissal.  Manning will end the season as a top five quarterback.

Sell High Candidates at QB:

Kurt Warner

Jay Cutler

Ben Roethlisberger

Buy Low Candidates:

Jake Delhomme

Aaron Rogers

Carson Palmer

Joseph Addai:

The tough matchups are basically behind Addai.  Look for him to produce, starting with his Week 5 game against the Texans.  Addai is an exceptional buy low candidate, but any trade involving the young man from LSU from your squad to another will not yield the proper fruit.  Addai will finish as a top-15 back.

Sell High Candidates at RB:

Ronnie Brown

Clinton Portis

Larry Johnson

Buy Low Candidates:

Ryan Grant

Rudi Johnson

Willis McGahee

Marvin Harrison has put doubts about his knee to rest
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez:

The issue with taking any Colts receiver is that no one knows who will catch the most passes and get the most looks from game to game.  With that truism accepted, it is time to deal Anthony Gonzalez.  For the purposes of this season — and probably the next — the targets in the passing game are Harrison's to lose and, obviously, Harrison is the receiver that Manning is most comfortable with.

Harrison appears to be fully recovered from the bursa sac issue that plagued him last season and he will receive preferential treatment from Manning.  Harrison thus becomes a buy low candidate for any owner that drafted him too high and has, thus far, been disappointed.

Gonzalez is a sell high guy and any owner that can get a second-tier receiver for him based on his production thus far will thank himself.

Depending upon when Wayne was drafted, he could be sell high or buy low candidate.  He will finish in the top 20 receivers, as will Harrison, but, if an owner can get a serviceable (buy low candidate) running back in return, that owner should make the trade.

Sell High Candidates at WR:

Eddie Royal

Chris Chambers

Donald Driver

Buy Low Candidates:

T.J. Houshmanzadeh

Braylon Edwards

Torry Holt

Dallas Clark:

Clark has only five receptions for 55 yards and no touchdowns thus far this season, partially due to injury, partially due to overall ineffectiveness.  With the receivers on the offense that are sure to get looks and the sketchy health of the offensive line, causing Clark to be kept inside the formation as a blocker, lest he lose time to Gijon Robinson, it looks like a good time to unload a tight end that has been dominant in stretches, but looks like a sixth-round bust.

This is actually a question of depth.  If an owner has a team that is capable of winning in the next few weeks, it is a good idea to keep Clark on the roster for the playoffs, since he is sure to see red zone opportunities eventually.  If an owner needs to make a deal to remain competitive in the short term, then Clark is a good name to add as a rider.

Dallas Clark is a sell high candidate ... in the proper situation.  If you have, say, Owen Daniels or Zach Miller, it behooves you to save Clark for the playoffs, where he surely will be targeted in the red zone and see success.

If now is the time to deal Clark and improve your lineup, then that makes sense as well.  It all depends on the individual situation.

Sell High Candidates:

Heath Miller

Antonio Gates

Buy Low Candidates:

Kellen Winslow

Dustin Keller (probably available on waivers)

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