Dungy: You Have To Be Prepared

Tony Dungy talked to the media before the Colts practiced on Friday, and provided injury updates on several players, including Joseph Addai, Daniel Muir and Tyjuan Hagler. See what the coach had to say about those players, how the week of preparation has gone, and more!

On RB-Joseph Addai:

"He did not do anything (Thursday). He's going to run a little bit with (Director of Rehabilitation) Erin Barill (Friday), and I doubt he'll take part in any practice, but we'll see how he does. I would not, personally, anticipate him playing. If there's any doubt at all, we'll keep him out, but we'll see."

On TE-Gijon Robinson:

"He tried to go (Thursday), and wasn't really able to run the way he wanted to. He's going to try again (Friday). He still feels confident he's going to play. We'll see how he does (Friday). If it's doubtful at all, we have other guys who can get the job done."

On if the team had a good week of practice:

"I thought (last week's) had been. It was really very good in terms of mental preparation last week because we knew we had to. We saw the multiple defenses and blitzes and different, unbalanced line formations that their offense had. There was just a lot of thinking, and we were very sharp. This week it's a different kind of preparation. Green Bay doesn't do as much, but you have to be prepared. They have big-play players. I think our guys have taken on that same approach."

On if the team is hitting its stride:

"It is. We've practiced better the last few weeks, really since the bye, and I think it's showing in our performance."

On if DT-Daniel Muir will play:

"There's a possibility. It looks like he'll be active and we hope to get him in there."

On if LB-Tyjuan Hagler is ready to go:

"It looks like it. He's done fine and doesn't have any negative effects from practice at all, so my guess is that we'd activate him and he'd be ready to go."

On if Hagler can step right in and play:

"It's hard to say. I don't know that you can step right in and just play a full game without having played any in the pre-season. But, I think he could definitely play and I think he'll make some things happen for us."

On if Hagler will be a starter:

"I don't think we can. Our guys are playing pretty well anyway, but realistically, I don't think you can just plug him in and play 60 plays as a starter right now."

On if Hagler will eventually return to the starting lineup:

"We'll see how the guys are going. They're playing well and he'll help us and he'll play. How soon he starts or where or what position, we'll figure all of that out."

On if he was happy with the returns from DB-Keiwan Ratliff and WR-Pierre Garcon last week:

"Yes, they did a good job. We've actually kind of shot ourselves in the foot. Our average is not where we want it to be, and that's mainly because of penalties. Keiwan had a nice 15-yard return and ends up getting credited for zero because of the penalty. Pierre is the same way. We just have to have those guys continue to run, and we have to eliminate the penalties."

On the out-of-bounds rule covering punts:

"We had a guy run 30 yards for the Bears, and they told me he was OK. We ran 15 yards out of bounds, and they said it was a penalty. I just don't understand it. We're going to try to coach it a little differently based on the explanation they gave us."

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