Fisher: Just The Next Game On Our Schedule

Longtime Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher talked with the Indianapolis media in a conference call earlier this week. See what he had to say about the team's fast start, all of the former Colts playing on the Titans' roster, some of the team's new players, having "Monday Night Football" back in Nashville, and more!

On how important it was to make QB-Kerry Collins the starter:

"I think any time there's uncertainty at any position, but especially for the quarterback position, then you have tremendous cause for distractions and people wondering. Distractions are the very thing that we try to avoid, and we just felt it was important to lay it out there, ‘Here we go, let's go,' and turn this into a positive situation for the ball club."

On if he has extra confidence since Collins is a veteran:

"He's benefitting from the vast experience that he has. The game has slowed down for him right now. When it's slow, then it's easier to make split-timing decisions. He's enjoying the game, he's practicing well, we're keeping him healthy and we're running the football. When you run the football, you can't help but be productive and efficient at the quarterback spot."

On the toughness of Collins:

"He can overcome a negative situation very, very quickly. He puts it behind him very quickly. The position itself is difficult. You're not going to play perfectly, and he has that experience to just put things behind him and move on. He's very patient. He's a lot like (Colts QB) Peyton (Manning) from the standpoint of, ‘3rd-and-13, if it's not there, just throw it on the ground and we'll punt and we'll get it back.' That's the approach he's taken."

On OG-Jake Scott:

"Jake's done a real nice job for us. The system's different, but he came in and spent a lot of time early with Munch (OL Coach Mike Munchak), and he's done a real good job. He's been having fun and he likes the run game and that's a big part of our success."

On Tennessee's OL:

"The tackles are improving each year and Jake's played well. (OG) Eugene (Amano) is a very strong and smart player. We've definitely upgraded the line over last year, and (C) Kevin (Mawae) is still playing particularly well."

On Tennessee only giving up two sacks this season:

"Well, you credit (the offensive line), you credit the tight ends and backs and, of course, the quarterback. He just has to get rid of the ball. Now, we don't expect to go the rest of the year without giving up sacks, and certainly that's going to be a huge challenge for us this Monday night with the great job (the Colts) do pressuring the passer."

On RB-Chris Johnson:

"He's everything that we thought. There are surprises at times in some of the subtle parts of his game. But, we saw a football player with track speed that was tough to catch and that could go the distance. We've been very pleased with his inside run ability and his toughness. He can make people miss and really can accelerate."

On the contrast between Johnson and RB-LenDale White:

"I think it's obvious. LenDale's a power back with great vision. He'll push piles and make people miss and run through tackles. Of course Chris is a guy that can go anytime he touches the ball. Certainly, LenDale's effort last week (at Kansas City) was very, very impressive. He's had a real good camp and he's off to a good start. We got in a couple of ballgames where our numbers and carries and snaps got a little skewed, but we got back on track and that's what we hope for, is balance between the two."

On how important the running game is:

"It makes the defense's job easier. Obviously, it burns time off the clock and allows you to drive the football and create manageable third-down situations. It's always been a part of what we do."

On DE-Jevon Kearse:

"We've been very pleased with him. Initially, when we were able to put the deal together, the thought was, ‘Maybe he'll platoon with a younger player and split reps.' But, he's played a lot more than we expected and he's playing well. He works hard and he's just real happy to be back here and be that edge rusher and run defender that he was so good at when he was here (from 1999-2003)."

On if Kearse is the same player that he was when he came into the league:

"I don't know that there are many players that have started as quickly as he has and later in their career are the same. But, I think, just based on the fact that number 90 is on the back of his jersey, people are playing close attention to him and he's getting the double-team attention and the chip attention. But, he's still capable of making big plays, and he's done that for us."

On DT-Albert Haynesworth:

"I think Albert's only going to get better as the season goes on. He's playing very well right now. He's disruptive and been productive and playing a lot of snaps, but I think he'll get better as the season goes on."

On if this defense is the best he's ever had:

"We're just happy with our start right now and we're focused in on the game plan and the Colt game Monday night. We're trying to figure out a way to have a good week of practice and prepare and try to figure out how to win the next game. We don't concern ourselves with those things and comparing this team to anybody else. We're just having fun playing right now."

On what he sees of the inconsistent play of the Colts on tape:

"I'm not going to agree with you when you say inconsistently. I think Jim Schwartz, our defensive coordinator, summed it up best. He said, ‘They're hitting line drives to the warning track right now, the ball's just not carrying over the fence.' Those balls will start going over the wall and that's the thing you concern yourself with. There are a couple of plays here and there. They're very potent and capable and I'm just very impressed with their depth and their overall team speed. At least recently, these games have been close and anything can happen. Each time we play them, something different takes place. They're the team to beat and we're just fortunate that we've gotten off to a good start and have an opportunity to play them."

On DB-Bob Sanders and Pittsburgh SS-Troy Polamalu:

"They're impact players. They minimize big plays and they can take away a deep passing game, but at the same time in the blink of an eye, knock a runner down for no gain. They're both exceptional players. I'm very impressed with Bob's backup right now. We saw some great things out of him last year, and I think Melvin (Bullitt) is playing very, very solid on their defense."

On LB-David Thornton and CB-Nick Harper:

"They're doing well. They're having fun and still in great shape. They're great practice players and great in the locker room and looking forward to this game."

On Thornton being a leader while he was with the Colts:

"That's precisely what he is here. He's a hard worker and loves to practice, loves to prepare and spends the extra time. He's been a real solid influence on the younger players."

On if the former Colts treat this as just another game:

"You're going to have to ask them. I think the approach that we're taking is, ‘This is the next one on our schedule.' We're kind of excited about the fact that Monday night is back here in Nashville. It's been a long time since it's been here, and we're just all about business this week. Obviously, both teams know each other very well. I think there's a respect level for one another and this is going to be a great ballgame."

On if beating the Colts on national TV would make a statement:

"This is just the next game on our schedule, and we're going to do everything we can to play the best we can, and we'll just see what happens."

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