Dungy: Ready For A Tough Game

In his meeting with the media Friday afternoon, Tony Dungy talked about what some of the keys to the game on Monday would be, gave some injury updates -- including on when Ryan Lilja might get back on the field -- talked about who might return punts if Pierre Garcon was hurt, and more!

On if situations are to blame for the discrepancy this season between the number of running plays from the Colts and Tennessee:

"I think so, and the fact that we've been behind some trying to catch up in the fourth quarter. They've been ahead in virtually every game, and probably their fourth quarters are 15, 16 runs and one or two passes. I don't know how much the difference would be in the first half of games, but they're running the ball well."

On the important areas of Monday night's game:

"I think the turnovers, no question about it. They are thriving on that. They're coming up with the ball in a lot of ways, field position and the kicking game. They've been very strong in their return game, and we can't afford to let that happen. And, I think, scoring in the red zone when you get down there. They've done a great job. LenDale White is getting the ball in from the 7-, 8-yard line. They've scored a lot inside the 10, and they've held people off. People have been able to get there, but not do much in terms of scoring touchdowns. We're going to need touchdowns when we get in the red zone."

On if red-zone scoring is a strength for the Colts:

"Yes, and we're going to need it. They don't give you that many opportunities, and you have to take advantage of them. When they get down there, they pound the ball at you. They have a great bootleg game off of their running game, and they've been able to score. I would think that red-zone defense on both sides of the ball is going to be important."

On if it is an easy transition from outside WR to the slot:

"No, especially in our offense. There are different things that happen inside, different routes that you run and then learning it all and knowing what to do inside. But, (WR-Reggie Wayne) has done well and I haven't seen him miss a beat."

On if slot WR is a complicated position:

"Yes. That guy has to know a lot and do a lot, and (Wayne) has done it well."

On LB-Freddy Keiaho:

"Freddy is coming on. He got a chance to start last year, was nicked up, in and out of the lineup some, but he's been very consistent for us. It's a spot that's probably tailor-made for him to use his speed and his instincts to run to the football. He's growing as a player every week, and I think he's going to be very good for us."

On if LB-Tyjuan Hagler will play more this week:

"Yes. Tyjuan's coming around, and he's really ready to go. The problem is that (LB) Clint (Session) and Freddy have played well. We'll try to get him in and get him some activity and try to use him, but I don't know how much and where just yet. He's ready to go and itching to play."

On when he expects OG-Ryan Lilja back:

"I don't know for sure. He's doing some running work. We haven't gotten him involved in practice yet. He feels better. As far as when he's actually going to be able to go into contact work, I don't know yet."

On when Lilja would have to be activated:

"I know we have a three-week window (from the end of week 6), and then we have to decide to put him on active or leave him on PUP the rest of the year. If we put him on active, that doesn't mean he has to dress or play. He would then occupy a roster spot."

On if there is concern Lilja might not play this season:

"I think it's a possibility right now, but we'll see. We're hoping that by next week he feels good enough that we can at least have an idea, ‘In two weeks he'll be ready to play,' or ‘In a week he'll be ready to play.' But, right now, we're not sure."

On OT-Tony Ugoh:

"Tony's doing well. He's practiced well the last two weeks. I think he's kind of like Tyjuan. He's in good shape and ready to go, and we just have to decide how we can get him in and what works best for our unit. But, he's ready to play."

On the mood of the team:

"I think it's been focused and dialed in. You watch the tape and realize that you're going to play a good opponent. They're playing extremely well, very consistently. You're going to their place. It's going to be the same type of atmosphere as we had in Green Bay. So, I think we have the focus that we need and are ready for a tough game."

On if it took a lot to get the team's attention this week:

"No. It's a big game for us in the division and the fact that you're playing an unbeaten team."

On who would return punts if WR-Pierre Garcon does not:

"He's probably going to be the guy that's back there. If he got hurt, we have our receivers we could go to, Reggie (Wayne), Marvin (Harrison), Anthony Gonzalez. (DB) Jamie Silva has done it and can catch the ball well. We have enough guys to go to, but hopefully that won't be necessary."

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