Collins: It's A Pretty Simple Formula

Kerry Collins spoke with the Indianapolis media in a conference call earlier this week. See what the Titans' QB had to say about the team's fast start, being named the starter after starting the season as a backup, playing on "Monday Night Football," his relationship with Bill Polian and more!

On the first six games of the season:

"Obviously, we've gotten off to a good start. It's been a pretty simple formula. Being able to run the ball, playing good defense, making a few plays in the passing game and taking care of the football has given us a chance in every ballgame and it has allowed us to get off to a good start."

On RB-Chris Johnson:

"I don't think we're surprised. I think it was obvious from day one that the guy had a lot of ability and had a lot of talent. Obviously, he's got great speed. You put him behind an offensive line that's smart and knows what to do and plays hard and fullbacks and tight ends, who are a big part of the running game, are doing their thing, I think it's given him a chance to have success."

On how much it meant to him to be named the starter:

"That obviously gave me the ability to just focus in on the game plan each week and not worry about what the situation was and whether or not I was going to be in there or if (QB) Vince (Young) was going to be in there. It just gave me peace of mind to be able to go in and focus in on the game plan every week and try to play a good ballgame on Sunday. That was a good vote of confidence and I'm trying to do as much with it as I can."

On if he has played on teams that had uncertainty with the starter:

"Not really. I've really always been in fairly clear-cut situations. I've never really seen it where it was detrimental to the team. But, I appreciate Coach (Jeff) Fisher doing it. I think it's good for the guys to know who's going to be in there."

On what being the last undefeated team means to him:

"I think, more than anything, I appreciate the opportunity to play. After sitting for a couple of years, to be out here again and be playing and game planning like I'm used to doing has been something that I appreciate much more after being a backup for the last couple of years. And, besides that, it's great to be on a team that has a chance to win every Sunday. We have guys that play hard, we have a good formula, I think for winning, and I'm glad to be a part of that."

On if it's hard not to feel "dead and buried" as a backup:

"Yes, it is. That was a role that I wasn't accustomed to, and I, at times, wondered when I was going to get back out there. Now that I have my chance, I'm trying to embrace it and trying to do everything I can to take advantage of the opportunity."

On if wins matter more than individual stats:

"Absolutely. At this point in my career, I'm really only worried about one stat and that's how many wins I can get. But, I think overall our offense has been productive. Maybe my numbers don't jump out, but I think offensively as a whole, we've been fairly productive."

On Tennessee's WR corps:

"I think our receivers are underrated. I think they're certainly capable of being effective and making big plays and getting chunks of yardage that I think you have to have in this league. I think there are more plays out there for the passing game and I think a lot of that falls on me, but I think everybody has been pleased with the way the receivers have played. That was probably an underrated group coming into the season."

On what TE-Alge Crumpler has meant to the team:

"Alge brings leadership, experience, a work ethic that I think is good for everybody and gives us another guy at tight end with Bo Scaife that teams have to keep watch for. While he hasn't had a ton of catches, I think he's been very effective and has been able to be a big part of our offense in both the run and the pass game."

On how the running game makes his job easier:

"It certainly takes some of the heat off the quarterback position. When you're able to run the ball, you stay ahead of the chains, you get in manageable third-down situations and you're able to be more efficient, as a whole, as an offense. It's a real credit to the guys up front, for everybody from the offensive line to Ahmad Hall and the tight ends and the receivers. Obviously, it's a nice thing for a quarterback to have."

On what he expects from the Colts on Monday night:"They're going to come in here fired up and ready to play. I don't think there's any question about that. While they have had an up-and-down season, I think they understand that it's a division game and they're going to come in here fired up with the lights on for Monday night. It's going to be a typical game between us and them where it's going to be physical and it's probably going to come down to plays in the fourth quarter to decide the game."

On if he has any Monday Night Football memories:

"Yes, some good ones, some bad ones. I remember losing a tough game against Dallas (in 2003) on a Monday night where we came back and they put it into overtime and won in overtime. We won some games in Carolina on Monday night. I don't know how many I've played in, but for the most part I think it's gone OK. It'll be exciting to be in a big game on Monday night with a national, prime-time feeling."

On if this is a statement game for Tennessee:

"I don't think so. We're just trying to get another win. That's the approach we're taking. We're going to try to have a good week of practice this week and try to get a win any way we can. That's the bottom line."

On if a win locks up the division for Tennessee:

"I don't know about that. There's still a lot of football left to be played. Certainly, a lot of this is great. We've gotten off to a good start and it's great. But, to be able to do it throughout a whole season is the key. Our focus right now is on a division opponent coming in here, and we have to be ready to play."

On his relationship with Colts president Bill Polian:

"I really have a lot of respect for Bill. Obviously, he gave me my first opportunity, but was a big supporter of mine. I appreciate the opportunity he gave me and all the good things he did for me there (in Carolina). I'm not sure there's a better GM in the league. What he's done with the Colts and what he did with us with the Panthers and the Bills before that, he's had success and he's won everywhere he's been. From a personal standpoint, he's been a big supporter of mine throughout the years and I appreciate that and have a tremendous amount of respect for him."

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