Dungy: Hopefully We Can Continue To Build

Tony Dungy talked to the media on Thursday as the team continued its preparations for the Detroit Lions. See what Dungy had to say about Detroit, CB Kelvin Hayden, getting ready to play Jacksonville on a short week, who was recognized with game balls against Cincinnati, and more!

"I thought we got off to a good start (Wednesday), and had a pretty crisp practice. It helps because (Detroit's) defense is so similar to ours, we're able to get the picture down and flow pretty fast. We had good concentration, had a lot of defensive guys that we rested (Wednesday), but should get most of those guys back to practice (Thursday). Hopefully we can continue to build."

On the evolution of DB-Kelvin Hayden:

"Kelvin, probably, was a lot like (Tampa Bay CB) Ronde Barber. Kelvin had switched positions at Illinois, and we really liked what we saw. He basically was a one-year starter on defense, and you just saw a lot of skills. But, a lot of stuff was new for him. So, he got here and probably didn't play as quickly as (DB) Marlin (Jackson) did. When you draft two corners one and two, you'll always get those comparisons. But, he just continued to get better and better, and when he got a chance to play he really took advantage of it. He's growing, he's a very talented guy, a very diligent worker and he does remind me a lot of Ronde Barber. Ronde was the same way. He didn't get to play much his rookie year and just kept working at it and developed into a really good player."

On Hayden breaking hard on the ball:

"He does, and I think part of that is that wide receiver training where you're always tracking the football. You have to have confidence in your hands and your ability to catch it. I think from playing receiver he has that, which is sometimes hard to teach for DBs. But, he really has a knack for gauging it and taking that opportunity to drive on the football."

On being a player in a contract year:

"You just have to play. You really have to try not to think about it, but of course you do. You want to be impressive. You want to win, always, but part of it in your mind is, ‘I want to show people what I'm worth.'"

On if he would like to keep Hayden after this season:

"He would be a tough one to lose. That's (President) Bill (Polian's) department and usually we get those things worked out. Kelvin's a good player and hopefully he'll be with us for a long time."

On if RB-Najeh Davenport is likely to return kicks Sunday vs. Detroit:


On C-Jeff Saturday and RB-Joseph Addai:

"Jeff, I think, is going to be good to go and ready to play. Joseph is probably a game-time decision."

On RB-Chad Simpson's status for Sunday:

"I'm not counting on Chad right now. He has an ankle sprain that generally takes a couple of weeks to heal up, so we're kind of figuring on Chad being down."

On DB-Bob Sanders:

"He seems to be fine, and he's on his normal routine this week."

On LB-Tyjuan Hagler:

"My sense is we'll probably hold him down this week."

On if the team will have three RBs dress Sunday:

"Yes. If Joseph is able to go, then it'll be Joseph, Dom(inic Rhodes) and Najeh. If he's not, then we'll someway activate Lance Ball off the practice squad."

On playing Thursday next week:

"Fortunately we've done it a couple of times now. We've been through it on two Thanksgivings and we kind of know the routine. We had to travel on both of those. It's easier if you're at home, but it'll work. You have to try to rest up as much as you can, so we'll be no pads on Tuesday and Wednesday and just do as little as we can to get done what we need to do and prepare for Jacksonville. But, we did it for Atlanta (in 2007), we did it for Detroit (in 2004) and it worked out OK."

On if the team gets a three-day weekend next week:

"Yes, that's the incentive. If you don't want to come in over the weekend, win the game."

On if he will prepare for Jacksonville at all this week:

"No. Win the game that you have. Next week, the games could be cancelled, you never know. Just win this one and then when Sunday night at 5 o'clock comes, then we'll start to worry about Jacksonville."

On if it helps playing a familiar team on a short week:

"It's probably a little easier. We had two NFC teams the last times we've done it, teams we hadn't played in three years. So, there is a little familiarity there, but they're familiar with us too."

On game balls awarded from last week's win vs. Cincinnati:

"Game balls were (TE) Gijon Robinson, Kelvin Hayden and (DB) Dante Hughes."

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