Dungy: I Like Where Our Focus Is

Tony Dungy talked to the media on Friday before the Colts took to the practice field to finish up their preparations for Detroit. Dungy gave injury updates on Joseph Addai, Tony Ugoh, Chad Simpson and Bob Sanders, talked about his part in the ESPN special about the 1958 NFL Championship game, talked about new running back Najeh Davenport, and more!

All in all, a pretty good day (Thursday). I think we got some things done, and I like where our focus is. Another day to put the finishing touches on things, so far so good."

On RB-Joseph Addai's status for Sunday vs. Detroit:

"My sense is we'll probably hold him out if there's any question at all. He wants to play. Right now, it's questionable. We'll see how it is. We're going to rest him (Friday) and let some of the other backs take the work and we'll see what happens."

On if RB-Lance Ball will be activated from the practice squad if Addai can't play:

"No. We got a new twist on the (RB) Chad Simpson situation. Chad is going to try to go (Friday) and thinks he may be able to play. That's another reason if we have any question with Joe we may be able to hold him down. We're going to look at (RB) Najeh (Davenport) and Chad (Friday) and see how they do."

On who will be the second-string RB if Addai is out:

"We'll see. If Chad is good to go, it would be Chad."

On if Davenport playing Sunday would change the offense:

"When he's in there we'll probably have to huddle a little bit and make sure we get him as much information as we can, so that may change us a little bit if he is playing."

On if Simpson will return kickoffs if he does play:

"No, I think Najeh will be the kickoff returner."

On ESPN's The Greatest Game Ever Played:

"I'm looking forward to seeing the actual show. It was a great, great experience for me. I came in on the tail end of a couple of other guys going through it. Being able to sit there with (Former Colts WR) Raymond Berry and talk about the game and how they played and what was the thought process in things. Raymond was very, very detailed and had a great memory of things. From a historical standpoint, it was great for me to see but also just learning football. It was a fun couple of hours."

On QBs-Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning looking similar in the film:

"I thought the same thing. When Raymond was describing what was going on and the thought process, ‘Here's the situation, we had run this play before, we had never seen this defense, but I decided to do this and John Unitas knew I was going to do this because of how we practiced.' It just seemed very, very similar to me. It was a lot of fun."

On DB-Bob Sanders:

"I think Bob definitely can play. He's ready to go. We're going to look at it and see how we want to handle it. We have the two games coming up. We'll probably see how he feels, but I think at this point, physically he's probably ready to go. We're going to rest him (Friday) and let some of our other guys take those reps, but it'll probably be a game-time decision."

On OT-Tony Ugoh and WR-Pierre Garcon:

"Tony Ugoh is just his knee flaring up again. We held him out of practice (Thursday). My sense is he'll be good to go. Pierre has a family situation, a death in the family. He's not here (Friday). He's fine health wise, but he won't play in the game."

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