Colts Notebook: Jan. 27 and ColtPower check in with the Colts for a look at the team. With free agency approaching, a new coach and roster decisions to make, see what the news is around the team inside!

— Indianapolis' unrestricted free agents include C Jeff Saturday, CB Kelvin Hayden, RB Dominic Rhodes, P Hunter Smith, LB Tyjuan Hagler, DT Darrel Reid, DE Josh Thomas, CB Keiwan Ratliff and S Matt Giordano.

— The Colts' only restricted free agent are OG/OT Dan Federkeil and LB Freddy Keiaho.

— There are only three exclusive rights free agents for Indianapolis heading into the offseason: LB Buster Davis, RB Lance Ball and DT Daniel Muir.

— Head coach Jim Caldwell on taking over for the retired Tony Dungy: "There are only 32 of these positions in the world. When you get down to that small number of positions, you know that's quite special. It's an exciting time for me. It's a great opportunity for me. I can't wait to really get rolling."

Caldwell was asked if he received any advice from Dungy.

"There's so many of them," Caldwell said. "I'm going to give you one situation that occurred. When he gave me an opportunity to come in and ask him questions about how he dealt with certain issues, we had a disciplinary issue that popped up and I asked him how did you deal with this issue? How did you gather the information? How did you arrive at this particular decision? This particular individual he dealt with and punished, etc., some may have thought it could have been handled a couple of different ways.

"It could have been handled more severely or less severely. He and I kind of batted that around a little bit. He said this to me, 'It's not about me. It's not about me. It's about this team. It's about this organization. It's about what's best for them. I have to look at the young man and make certain that we also cover those areas as well.' He did a great job of removing himself sometimes from a situation, where a lot of us in those situations of authority sometimes have to be able to pound the podium a little bit to show, 'Hey I'm in control, etc.' He set great examples and showed us that that's not necessarily the best way."

— Colts team president Bill Polian said his priorities the next few weeks are the salary cap and roster evaluation.

"We're in the process right now of dealing with the new salary cap rules and we're putting all of the scenarios together under the new salary-cap rules," he said. "By the time we get back from the Senior Bowl, we'll be able to have a feel for what that does to us and if there are any contracts that can be adjusted to comply with those new rules. I sort of doubt it, but we're doing the analysis. Once we get the analysis done, we can plug individual players and numbers into this brand new world of 'final capped year' rules. Then, we'll see where we are.

"That takes us into the middle of February, which in reality is when it comes to a head anyway. It doesn't affect the timing in any way, but we have to adjust to a new set of rules we haven't worked with in 18 years."

Polian said he believes the Colts will continue to be careful in the free-agent market.

"Yes. I would think so. I would be surprised if we were active players in it, because for the first time in 11 years, we'll be squeezed by the salary cap because of the new rules," he said. "As you know, we're not big believers in free agency anyway."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "It never has been an issue. The cap never has been an issue. We've been constrained by the cash budget. (Team owner) Jim (Irsay) has been very generous in that area. But this is what these rules anticipate. That's why they're in." — Polian, on the possibility of facing a salary cap squeeze this offseason.

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