Harvin Ready to Explode into NFL

Florida's Percy Harvin flashed his multiple talents in helping the Gators to the BCS National Championship in January, and name is one of the first to come up when talking about wide receivers the Colts might draft. ColtPower was on hand for his press session at the NFL Combine. See what he had to say about questions about his durability, his route-running, and more!

Florida's Percy Harvin is certainly a dual threat, and his performance in the national championship game — nine rushes for 122 yards and a touchdown, five catches for 49 yards — turned him into a household name and got NFL fans excited about seeing him on their team next year.

And most fans can get excited, as nearly every team with a first-round draft pick has a realistic chance at him.

As Scout.com's third-ranked receiver and 19th-ranked overall player, the Mock Draft Muncher has Harvin trending between the 22nd and the 24th pick in a compilation of the top mock drafts around the web. In a true draft simulation, however, the consensus seems to have Harvin going to the Tennessee Titans at No. 30.

That indicates he could be around for the the Colts if they choose to pin their hopes on him to help fill the void caused by Marvin Harrison's departure. In fact, he's the second-most popular pick for the Colts in the 32 drafts currently being munched by Scout.com. If the Colts do pass, it's a likely bet that he won't get past the Titans, however.

ColtPower.com caught up with Harvin at the NFL Scouting Combine. Here's what he had to say:

Percy Harvin
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On questions about his durability:
I think a lot of came from when I was in high school. I had a heel injury they call Haglund's deformity, where basically I was tearing the bone away from my heel for a long time. They kept calling it tendonitis. Throughout the years, I just kept tearing it and tearing it finally when I got to college it caught up to me. A lot of my injuries were due to that. I got it fixed my senior year and I didn't have any problems last year, so I'm feeling real good right now.

On what kind of route runner he is, and whether what he did at Florida will transfer to the NFL:
I did a lot of the route running in practice; I ran the digs and posts, but as the season went on, a lot of our games were blowouts so they needed me to run the ball and do other things. I've done that many times at practice so I don't think it will be a hard transition. At my Pro Day, when I run my routes, I'll look to show the coaches I can do that.

On coach Urban Meyer's relationship with Patriots' coach Bill Belichick:
Coach Meyer tries to imitate coach Belichick to a "T". We did a lot of things the Patriots do; ran a lot of the plays the Patriots ran. He came down to our practices and talked to us often. He was real inspiration to our team."

On Belichick:
He's one of the best. He pulled me aside quite a bit. I think highly of him. He told me what I need to work on several times. I think the world of him."

On if teams see him as a pure receiver:
I've done a lot of special teams, punt return, kick return. As a pure receiver, I can go to the backfield, run a lot of screens and reverses and be a slot man.

On whether he's working out:
I'm doing the 40 and I did the bench press. I won't do position drill, I'll do them on my Pro Day.

On his size:
5-feet-11 and three-quarters and I weighed in at 198 ... I wanted to get the weight down. My concentration is on my 40 right now. I played the season at 202 so I know I can put the weight on. I lost a few so I can make sure I'm good for the 40.

On his goal for the 40:
I don't really have a goal, but I look to get in the low 4.3s, 4.2, in that area.

On if he talked to the Colts:
I talked to them yesterday. They were all great interviews. A lot of the questions were about the 40 and wanting to see how fast I really am. A lot of the receiver questions I'll answer on my Pro Day (March 18).

On who he's similar to in the league:
A lot of the coaches I talked to, Reggie Bush's name popped up. A lot of them compare me to Steve Smith. I'm a little bigger than him, but as far as being explosive in the open field and having a knack to make big plays.

On if he thinks he's the most explosive player in the draft:
Yes I do. I believe if I get the ball in the open field I can make a lot of things happen and I can make big plays.

On if coaches have expressed concern about Florida receivers underachieving in the NFL:
Not at all. Even to the point of me being durable a lot of coaches haven't questioned that. A lot of my injuries came as a running back, I was averaging 15-20 carries a game, as a receiver. So a lot those nicks came from that. But my senior year was great and I didn't get hurt.

On the history of Florida players that were first-round picks and didn't really pan out:
I don't know too much history on that. I do know that Bubba (Andre) Caldwell picked it up toward the end of the year. Our offense may not be the best but it do show our playmaking ability. Maybe they don't see our route-running as much as need be. But Andre showed he can be a receiver and came on strong at the end of the year.

On off-the-field issues:
A lot of stuff I dealt with in high school. When I came out of high school I was suspended for a couple of games, had a few unsportsmanlike conducts, just things that haunted me from my past in high school. A lot of those questions, they just wanted to know what happened. There are a lot of stories out there and they wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth.

On the Wildcat offense:
Most of the coaches didn't talk about specific plays, they just seen me in the open field and said that I was very explosive and could play a lot of positions in the league, but we didn't get into certain formations.

On if was something he could do:
Of course, I can definitely do that. I did a lot of it in college, a lot in high school. A lot of those things I've been familiar with most of my life so if need be and they want be to do it I'll definitely have no problem.

On what he hopes to accomplish at the Combine:
Right now I'm just worrying about my 40. I think a lot of the questions are how fast I am, so I'll answer that. The other question is about my route running because they didn't actually see it. A lot of the coaches saw my practice tape, but they just didn't see it in the game. Like I said, I'll answer those questions coming up.

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