Colts Save Cash, but Still Pushing Cap

All NFL teams have to get under the salary cap by the time the new league year begins on Friday at 12:01 a.m. Releasing Marvin Harrison saved the Indianapolis Colts a chunk of cash, but the team has also cleared additional money, has learned. Find out how inside!

Dallas Clark was able to restructure his $13.383 million salary and $8.2 million roster bonus into a more manageable figure, Senior NFL Reporter Adam Caplan has learned.

Clark signed a six-year, $41-million deal in 2008.

Sources say that Clark will now only count as a $6.823 hit against the current salary cap and was able to pro-rate his roster bonus, spreading it out over the length of his contract. Also, Caplan reports that the team will get a $2.85 million credit for a likely to achieve bonus that Lance Ball failed to earn in 2008.

Also, a league source has told Caplan that Peyton Manning's contract will end in 2011 instead of 2012 after Manning met minimum playing time levels needed to end the contract a year early.

Clark's restructuring allowed the Colts to re-sign Kelvin Hayden last week. After releasing Harrison today, the Colts are right at the $123 million threshold, ColtPower has learned from a separate NFL source.

According to reports, the team is still trying to re-sign center Jeff Saturday, who is set to become a free agent Friday. For that to happen, it seems the team may have some more maneuvering to do.

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