Ask the NFL Draft Expert: Part One NFL Draft Expert Chris Steuber recently took a mailbag from ColtPower readers about the upcoming draft. See what Stueber thinks are the top concerns for the Colts heading into the draft, who the top commodities are, what position is deepest in the draft and more in the first of a two-part feature with Steuber!

1. I think the Colts need to draft a Nose Tackle most likely on day one of this draft to shore up the troubles along the defensive line, but I think there's some disparity between a Nose Tackle in a 3-4 scheme vs. one in a Cover Two 4-3 scheme. Can you help with what that difference is and what kind of DT can fit the cover two scheme NT? Any players that come to mind in this draft would be most helpful (question from DWCOLT).

Sen'Derrick Marks
AP Photo/Todd J. Van Emst

Chris Steuber: In a Cover 2 scheme, the nose tackle has to be an athletic, explosive force inside; a guy who can handle double teams, split the gap and rush the passer. There are a couple of DTs that may interest the Colts: one being Ole Miss' Peria Jerry and the other being Auburn's Sen'Derrick Marks. Jerry is a mid-to-late first round prospect, while Marks will likely be taken in the second or third round.

2. What position is the top commodity of this draft? Which position has the LEAST amount of talent at it, forcing people to trade up (fight) to get the desired talent, or miss out on it trying? I ask because I wouldn't want us getting involved. If there is someone that everyone is "fighting" to get and our chances are slim at getting them, then I'd rather find someone experienced at the position in free agency and use the pick on another position that has more players to choose from (question from BlueKoolAid).

CS: This year's draft is really deep at five positions: RB, WR, DE, OLB and CB. Offensive tackle is intriguing, but it's more top heavy than deep. The one position that's the weakest of them all is quarterback. If you're in the market for a potential franchise quarterback, there are two available (Mark Sanchez and Matthew Stafford), and if you want one of them, you will have to trade up into the top-ten.

3. Also, which position seems to have the MOST talent at it (question from BlueKoolAid)?

CS: The most talent available in the five deepest positions I mentioned is at cornerback. From round one to seven, you can get a player with legitimate upside who has the potential to contribute on an NFL roster next season.

4. I have seven possible prospects falling to the 27th pick. You have to select one of these players with the Colts pick. Give me your rational which pick makes the most sense to you and why (question from Jared188821)?

  1. LB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State
  2. CB Macho Harris, Virginia Tech
  3. LB Clint Sintim, Virginia
  4. RB LeSean McCoy, Pitt
  5. OG Duke Robinson, Oklahoma
  6. RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
  7. CB Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest

CS: Of the seven players you provided, the player that makes the most sense and has a realistic chance of being available at No. 27 is James Laurinaitis. The Colts could use a boost in the middle of their defense, whether it's at DT or MLB. A player like Laurinaitis would be a huge addition with his leadership and physical play. He's a high character guy who's been bred for success. He would be an instant fan favorite in Indianapolis.

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