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The 2009 NFL Draft is finally upon us, and the eternity that is the NFL offseason gets a little more interesting starting today. Who will the Indianapolis Colts choose? How can you follow the draft all weekend, from anywhere? Relax. We've got you -- and all things draft -- covered.

It's difficult to believe the draft is finally (almost) here. It seems like we've been discussing, debating, speculating and gossiping about it for months, and that's because we have. Since the Colts' season ended in overtime against San Diego back in January, we've spent most of our time here at reporting on the players and the strategies Bill Polian and the team's front office will use this weekend to improve the team.

Through the Senior Bowl, to the Scouting Combine, to the visit and workout season, we've uncovered a lot of team interest, and we've dug into Polian's drafting history. And we've learned who Polian will take in the draft as well — sort of. As the Colts' president said on a local radio show this week when asked who they would take, he said, as always: "the best player."

Be sure to stop by over the weekend for all the latest breaking news. We'll have an interactive chat on the front page and plenty of threads in the forums to discuss all the draft action.

Be sure to get your picks in for the annual draft contest. And if you're feeling festive, there's a gathering of the ColtPower faithful tomorrow in Greenwood as well.

While NFL front office types and web geeks like yours truly will be holed up all weekend, we recognize that some of you will be out and about. It's shaping up to be a beautiful weekend here in Central Indiana and likely where you are as well. Many have spring chores to do, youth baseball games, and other activities that preclude watching several hours of NFL talk in April.

That's why we're making updates available on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well. Twitter works especially well for this. Simply sign up for an account, follow us (we're @ColtPower) and enable your cell phone to receive our updates. It's very easy to do and best of all, free (your standard text message rates apply, though).

And if you're on the site during the draft, be sure to drop by our interactive chat to voice your opinions or ask questions, or sound off in the forums.

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