Inside the ColtPower War Room: Round Two

There will plenty of quality talent left in the second round when it comes time for the Colts to make their second pick. Will they beef up the defense or add to Peyton Manning's arsenal? Who will they be looking at? ColtPower breaks down all the options inside.

With no shortage of needs at various positions, Bill Polian and his staff will be looking for another possible starter, or at least someone to put into the rotation, bolster depth, and help out the kicking game.  The second round has a lot of quality options at the positions the Colts need to fill.

WR Derrick Williams
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Wide Receiver:

The longer Indianapolis goes without taking a receiver, the more likely they will select one, especially on the first day.  Ideally, they need a player that can play either slot or one of the split end positions.  Someone with experience returning kicks would be helpful as well.

As it turns out, they met with Derrick Williams, who fills both of those needs.  He had extensive punt return and kick return experience at Penn State, played wide receiver, and also got some carries out of the backfield.  He is a very versatile player that can help the team in a lot of ways.

If he is not selected, expect them to consider Oklahoma receiver Juaquin Iglesias.  He has big play ability, runs solid routes, and does not shy away from contact over the middle.  He has a lot of what the Colts look for in a receiver, but lacks ideal top-end speed.

However, for a receiver in the slot, the ability to catch the ball in traffic and be able to work with Peyton Manning on route recognition is more important than stopwatch speed.  He is dangerous enough with the ball in his hands and has very capable hands.

Defensive Tackle:

The ideal situation for Indianapolis would be for Ron Brace and his wide body to somehow fall through the cracks.  He could step right into the lineup and be a valued contributor as a nose tackle.

He is currently the 62nd-rated player overall according to the draft rankings, but could definitely climb up the board as teams in need of a run stuffer look for the best player available.

Southern Cal tackle Fili Moala, who is more of a traditional Colts tackle by build and athleticism, could also be sitting there for Indianapolis at 61st overall, considering that he is the 58th-rated player on the board.

Don't be surprised, though, if Indianapolis uses their fourth-round selection to trade up into the second round to grab a prospect that may have fallen out of the first, such as Evander Hood, Peria Jerry, or even Moala or Brace, since neither man may last until the end of the second.

Since they have a compensatory fourth round selection, they may move up, as they have historically moved up and down in the first three rounds, but have trusted their board otherwise in later rounds.

Sen'Derrick Marks is also a possibility.


Asher Allen is a real possibility here.  If they have already selected a defensive back or have not yet selected a wide receiver, then they are not going to take a cornerback at this point.

But, if they take a receiver such as Percy Harvin or Hakeem Nicks in the first round, they may pull the trigger on Allen, since he also excels as a kick returner and may not be available when they select in the third round.

Running Back:

Now that Dominic Rhodes has signed with the Buffalo Bills, the Colts need another quality player at the position to share the load with Joseph Addai, who has yet to prove that he can handle all the carries through a 16 game season. 

Rashad Jennings is a player that Indianapolis officials have met with, but he is currently ranked as the 42nd player overall, so he might not be available.  If he is, the Colts need to snap him up, because he has proven that he can handle his fair share of carries and is a capable receiver out of the backfield. His mettle has not been proven as a pass blocker, but Mike Hart was also an unknown in this area until the Colts staff showed him what to do.

Andre Brown is another possibility here, but is not quite as good a fit in the Indianapolis scheme as Jennings.

With the 61st Pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts Select:

Derrick Williams.  He will come in and immediately upgrade the receiving corps and the return game, both of which are in desperate need of a talent infusion.  Jennings will probably be gone at this point, Brown is not an ideal fit, and Hood, Jerry, and Brace will probably be off the board as well, unless Indianapolis trades up.  In all likelihood, their need at defensive tackle will be addressed in the first round.

If it is not, then the best of the best of what's left among Brace, Jerry, Hood, or Marks — probably Marks — would be the optimal pick, under the assumption that the receiver position has already been addressed.

The Colts are coming out of the first two rounds with a defensive tackle and a wide receiver.  It all depends on their board and who is available when they pick.

But, if Jennings is sitting there when their turn comes at 61st overall, they need to take him.

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