Colts Draft '09: What Do the Fans Say?

We've had a couple of weeks to let the draft settle in, and now its time to find out what the ColtPower faithful thought about the Indianapolis Colts' draft picks in 2009. Who was the most popular? Any players that fans would rather have seen head elsewhere on draft day? Get the results, along with comments and analysis inside!

We had a good response to our informal polls that went up in the Football Central forum over draft weekend as fans shared their votes and their thoughts on the team's newest players.

Generally, the response was positive, with only two players getting more negative feedback than positive — although no player matched the whopping 98 percent approval rate of the selection of Mike Hart from a year ago. A couple of players did come close, however.

We'll break down the results here, from most popular to least popular:

Second-round choice Fili Moala was the most popular among voters
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1. DT Fili Moala, USC (Second round, 51st overall) — 95 percent favorable.

HARTZ'S HUNCH: Although the Colts gave up a fifth-round pick to trade up to get Moala, the gamble was probably worth it. Moala looks like a perfect fit who could contribute right away on the team's defensive line.

FAN FEEDBACK:I am very glad we moved up to get him. Giving up a 5th round pick — closer to a 6th really — to ensure getting a quality DT? Bravo. — AlUlrich

2. DT Terrance Taylor, Michigan (fourth round, 136th overall) — 90 percent favorable.

HARTZ'S HUNCH: While he lacks the athleticism of Moala and his productivity declined last season, Taylor is strong as an ox and could also push for time in the defensive tackle rotation this fall.

FAN FEEDBACK: Taylor seems to have a mean streak ... I like that. IMO Caldwell is continuing to put his stamp on this Colts team ... and I'm liking it. — ColtsmanAxl

3. P Pat McAfee, West Virginia (sixth round, 222 overall) — 87 percent favorable

HARTZ'S HUNCH: With Hunter Smith heading to Washington, the Colts realized they needed a punter and holder, and McAfee looks like a good one. He also talks a big game, and the team will need him to back it up on the field right away.

FAN FEEDBACK: Watched him play against ECU earlier this year. While watching the game — and enjoying our upset — I felt the only two guys for WVU who were keeping them in the game were QB White and P McAfee. My recollection about this guy is he is accurate on the punt. — VanGo67

4. WR Austin Collie, BYU (fourth round, 127th overall) — 82 percent favorable.

HARTZ'S HUNCH: The more I think about this pick, the more I like it. Collie may not crack the receiver rotation right away and may never be a star, but he's fearless and could end up being a reliable target for Peyton Manning down the road.

FAN FEEDBACK: IMHO our most interesting pick. Scared off scouts because he is a Junior, 24 years old, and does not possess blazing speed. However, is a pass catching machine with great hands/moves. Constantly gets himself open, and holds on to the ball. May be our KR next year. — Coltny

5. RB Donald Brown, Connecticut (first round, 27th overall) — 79 percent favorable.

HARTZ'S HUNCH: His rating is a bit lower because many fans wanted a big running-stuffing DT with this pick. However, Brown looks like a complete back and a great fit for the Colts' system. Should get plenty of carries this fall, sharing the ball with Joseph Addai.

FAN FEEDBACK: I like what I saw from Brown both in college and at the combine. I think he'll do for us what Rhodes did during the Super Bowl run. In the playoffs you must be able to run the ball and now we should be able to. — coltman18

6. OL Jaimie Thomas, Maryland (seventh round, 236th overall) — 63 percent favorable.

HARTZ'S HUNCH: The Colts continued to add depth along the offensive line, and Thomas has the added benefit of being big enough and versatile enough to play guard and tackle. He'll have to work hard in camp to earn his spot on the team, but could be a contributor down the road.

FAN FEEDBACK: Great value in the 7th round ... He is an aggressive blocker that I would have expected to be signed by a 'straight ahead' run team. May not fit with our current zone blocking scheme, but I like the added size for potential short yardage situations. — INDY4LIFE

7. CB Jerraud Powers, Auburn (third round, 92nd overall) — 30 percent favorable.

HARTZ'S HUNCH: Powers may be seen as a bit of a reach, especially with his short stature. But he does have tremendous speed and could challenge the perennially underwhelming Tim Jennings and Dante Hughes.

FAN FEEDBACK: Undersized but has a knack for always being around the ball and making plays. In our Cover 2 I think as a nickel he could excel nicely. I think its a good sound pick and we needed the depth. — supercolts99

8. QB Curtis Painter, Purdue (sixth round, 201 overall) — 23 percent favorable.

HARTZ'S HUNCH: Painter didn't get much love from the fans, and it's easy to see why as his production fell off during his final year at Purdue and he never led the Boilers to any big wins. However, this was a low-risk pick by the team. Painter has good physical skills and could unseat Jim Sorgi for the backup quarterback position.

FAN FEEDBACK: He lights it up against the Northern Iowas, Central Michigans and such. But Michigan? Ohio St.? Penn St.? He folds. Absolutely chokes. I will say this about Painter. He throws a beautiful ball and does have the talent. He certainly is at least potentially BETTER than Sorgi. But it seems to me that he disappears in the games where the pressure is on vs top teams ... so that, to me, translates into a huge red STOP sign at the next level. — BoilerMacR

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