Sorgi Recovery Quicker Than Expected

Jim Sorgi, the Indianapolis Colts' primary backup quarterback for the past five seasons, has returned to practice.

Sorgi, who has been out since incurring a strained right hamstring in training camp on Aug. 7, threw the ball around during a recent workout and might be available to see limited work against Detroit on Aug. 29.

"It feels good (to be back practicing again). I'm not totally back, not 100 percent yet, but doing a little more. Getting back into the swing of things, trying to get back in the fold again I guess. Get out there a little bit, move around. See how it feels after a little more activity and hopefully I can go back home this weekend and play some football," he said.

A native of Fraser, Mich., which is located about 15 miles outside of Detroit, Sorgi has already been deluged with ticket requests by family and friends for the Colts' game at Ford Field.

"I'm not ruling (playing against the Lions) out. I'm not ruling it in. I'm just kind of going day-by-day and see how it feels (today) from what I did (Saturday). And try to get out there Tuesday during a full practice and see I feel after that," he said.

"If things keep progressing like they have been, I think there's a very good chance (that he could play against Detroit). I've got a lot of people coming (to the game). Got a lot of family, a lot of friends. People who I haven't talked to in ages. Even if I'm not playing, I'm going. That's one thing the quarterbacks have to do. I have work to do even if I'm not playing. So either way, I'm going to be there."

Sorgi says that his recovery period has gone quicker than originally expected.

"Originally they were saying around three weeks before I'd get back (to practice). And it's been two weeks, almost to the day. I think (Friday) was two weeks. So I'm ahead of schedule and I feel good. It's nice to get out there and start throwing the ball and be with the guys," he said.

"You feel kind of like an outsider, you know, when you're hurt. You're not so much in the plans. It's a little easier for me to have been around (the team) so I can give my input to the younger guys. But it still feels like an outsider when you're not on the field. I just want to get back on the inside of things. This (the preseason) is where I get most of my work. I don't want to push (back his return) to the regular season because then I'm going into the regular season without getting any reps. In case something happens (to starter Peyton Manning), I don't want go out there and my first snap to be the second or third game of the season when all the chips are on the line. I want to get a little practice before that."

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